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Press Release: Unleashing the power of multi-channel marketing!

The marketing landscape has evolved at a rapid pace.  From the era of push marketing typified by mass messaging, broadcast across media platforms like TV, radio and print, we've entered a whole new world. A world where: One on one engagement with the customer is expected. Interaction between producer and consumer happens on multiple platforms.…

4 Jun 2013, by Informa Australia


The impact of social media on sports business

Social media has taken sports business to a new level of sports marketing and advertising, brand sponsorships and respective individual representations on various social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Sean Callanan of Sports Geek explains the impact this phenomenon has on sports teams, the teams' players, media and PR companies, and sports fans. Is…

4 Dec 2012, by Informa Australia


Managing the sports business

We are honoured to have the opportunity to pick Dan Migala's (Publisher of The Migala Report & Partner of PCG) brains before the upcoming Sports Business Summit 2012 conference happening on the 10th December in Sydney. What advice would you give to teams trying to generate more sponsorship revenue in a tight market? How can…

23 Nov 2012, by Informa Australia

Defence & Security | Health & Healthcare | Maritime and Transport | Media | Mining & Resources | Planning & Design

3D Printing: A threat to traditional manufacturing or not?

It’s been hailed as Australia’s chance to revive the manufacturing industry. Its growth and potential to expand has gotten our curiosity piqued. Call it what you like; additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping or advanced manufacturing, 3D printing handles materials like plastic, wax, polymers and metallics, and is used across industries for aircraft development, building design, organ…

6 Nov 2012, by Informa Australia


How do we tackle the BYOD challenge?

With the rise of mobile device and smartphones usage, more and more employees are bringing their own device(s) to work and linking them up to the organisation's network; be it their work email or accessing confidential company information via specialised apps. We had an opportunity to pick the brain of Stanley Li, CEO of Netswitch…

30 Oct 2012, by Informa Australia


BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, refers to the recent phenomenon of employees using mobile connectivity devices - laptops, notebook, smartphones, tablets - for both personal and work-related activities. More and more, employees are using their individually purchased and owner devices to do everything from checking work emails to accessing confidential company information via specialised…

3 Oct 2012, by Informa Australia

Education & Skilling | Media

Welcoming @RealTimeWWII to the #SMHE program

Informa Higher Education Series is excited to announce and welcome Alwyn Collinson, Creator of @RealTimeWWII to the speaking panel of Social Media in Higher Education Conference 2012 as the international keynote speaker on Day 1 of the program. The 2nd annual Social Media in Higher Education conference will be held on the 26th and 27th…

12 Apr 2012, by Informa Australia

Defence & Security | Media

Cybercrime and the Russian mob Yes, Eastern Europe is indeed a hotspot for cybercrime. On this week's Patch Monday podcast, former police officer Stephen McCombie explains why. McCombie is now a lecturer at the Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism at Macquarie University. Russia is the perfect breeding ground for online crime, he says, because it has as…

8 Mar 2012, by Informa Australia

Defence & Security | Media

Cyber Crime Here to Stay – AVG (AU/NZ) at Inaugural Cyber Crime Symposium in Sydney today

Speaking at the Inaugural Cyber Crime Symposium today, Michael McKinnon, Security Advisor at AVG (AU/NZ) Pty Ltd, told delegates that cyber crime is here to stay and that protection will only come from a strong, unified community response. The Symposium is being staged in recognition of the impact of cyber crime which, according to the…

6 Mar 2012, by Informa Australia


Helping the Government do and use social media better

The online environment has become a significant means by which those in government can gain insight into public opinion as a way of improving service design and delivery. The Social Media in Government Conferenceseeks to provide local, state and federal government agencies with a series of case studies that demonstrate best practice in the implementation…

1 Dec 2011, by Informa Australia
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