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Addressing the decline in students from China

With its clean, liveable cities and a curriculum that caters to next generation industries, Australia is an attractive international study destination. However, a recent decline in students from China is beginning to spark concern among domestic universities and economists. “Historically, we have become accustomed to 10 percent per annum cumulative growth in the number of…

18 Jul 2019, by Amy Sarcevic


After the ATAR

The choices young people make upon completing mandatory education can profoundly influence their success in adult life. However, new research by post-school advice forum, Year13, has shown that many school-leavers are making misguided choices in this pivotal phase of their lives. The “After the ATAR” and “After the ATAR II” research reports reveal that 48 percent of youth…

10 Jul 2019, by Amy Sarcevic

Education | Planning & Design

How Southern Cross University is growing its student profile

Southern Cross University's Gold Coast campus is situated just 400 metres from North Kirra Beach, and has views of the Pacific Ocean from many vantage points in the campus buildings. But it is the University's unique relationship with the adjacent Gold Coast Airport that really sets it apart from other tertiary education institutions. Ahead of the…

1 May 2019, by Amy Sarcevic


Student well-being at Wenona School

Adolescence is a difficult time for most people, but for a growing subset of young Australians, it is more than just an “uncomfortable phase”. Statistics show that one in five 13-18 years-olds will experience a severe mental health disorder; and more than half of people with a lifetime mental health diagnosis will encounter their first…

23 Jan 2019, by Amy Sarcevic

Education | Infrastructure

Managing acoustics in learning environments

Speaking and listening in learning environments is critical and the way classrooms are designed acoustically can have a profound influence on learning outcomes. This is particularly true among students from differing language backgrounds; and across the spectrum of disorders which may affect hearing, concentration or sensitivity to sound. Despite a growing national focus on inclusive…

15 Jan 2019, by Amy Sarcevic


Student engagement & technology in the classroom: igniting the fire in young learners with Eddie Woo

Technology is rapidly transforming the way students learn and teachers teach, a study found that Australia is one of the highest users of technology in schools in the OECD – so how can technology benefit Australian students and what are the costs? What can it do and what can’t it do? Wootube is a prime…

14 Dec 2018, by Informa Insights


Reimagining tertiary education

“Designing a tertiary education system for a world turned upside down by technology is a ‘wicked problem’ […] “Get it right and Australia can thrive competitively, enjoy good standards of living and have a fair and civilized society. “Get it wrong and the opposite will be true”, said Professor Stephen Parker, author of the ‘Reimagining…

18 Oct 2018, by Amy Sarcevic


The six pillars of student wellbeing

Despite the many privileges of modern society, statistics suggest that Australia is in the midst of a wellbeing crisis, with rates of childhood depression and anxiety the highest they have ever been. Lindfield Learning Village, a revolutionary new state school located in Sydney’s North Shore, is seeking to address this through its innovative wellbeing model…

26 Sep 2018, by Amy Sarcevic


How universities are implementing TEQSA’s standards

It has been almost two years since the revised Higher Education Standards (HES) Framework was introduced to the Australian higher education sector. Since then, Director of TEQSA’s Assurance Group, Dr. Michael Tomlinson, has been doing the rounds – engaging with institutions and monitoring the sector’s uptake of the new standards. Ahead of the University Governance…

7 Sep 2018, by Amy Sarcevic

Education | Infrastructure | Planning & Design

How vertical schools are affecting children’s health and development

Fatter, sicker, sadder. It’s a phrase planning and design expert, Dr. Tony Matthews, doesn’t particularly like, but one which quite accurately captures the way modern, urban environments are impacting our children’s health and wellbeing. “Just a few decades ago, the air was cleaner, the streets were safer and children were able to enjoy a more…

6 Sep 2018, by Amy Sarcevic
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