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Healthcare | Technology

Bridging the valley of death – how Australia can make more impact with its inventions

Australia's universities are world-class, ranking seventh globally for academic performance and tenth globally for the production of highly cited publications. When it comes to translating this research into real world industrial applications, however, we perform poorly, relative to our global peers. In fact, the percentage of Australian companies that introduce a new-to-market innovation is comparatively…

30 Nov 2023, by Amy Sarcevic


Becoming Pilbara’s first virtual pharmacist – what has Nikki Reynolds learned?

If you work in a metropolitan health centre, an onsite or nearby pharmacist might be something you take for granted. In Country Western Australia (WA), only 15 of the 100 plus health sites have regular onsite pharmacist resources. Given the vastness and remoteness of the area, it would not be viable to employ a pharmacist…

28 Nov 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Healthcare | Technology

How to ensure an AI ready health workforce

With 85 percent of healthcare executives now having an AI strategy, and half already deploying the technology in some form, the Australian health system is set to look radically different over the coming years. But just how ready are frontline workers for its broader adoption across the sector? Professor Ian Scott, Director of Internal Medicine…

28 Sep 2023, by Amy Sarcevic


Simple fixes to the healthcare workforce crisis

Statistics around the future of Australia’s workforce have sent shock-waves through the already overburdened sector, but there may be some simple strategies to overcome them, according to Dr Joseph Occhino of Queensland Health. Despite the WHO predicting a global shortfall of 14.5 million workers by 2030, Dr Occhino believes small measures which make it easier…

27 Sep 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Education | Healthcare

The right way to treat people with disabilities at school

When Matthew De Gruchy was diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease, a rare genetic eye condition, at the age of nine, he did not know that his difficulties with blindness would pale in comparison to the social challenges he later experienced. Subject to bullying and societal exclusion, Matthew, who is now in his twenties, says he was…

21 Jul 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Healthcare | Legal

The appropriate way for doctors to handle surrogacy births – insights from a surrogate mother and lawyer

The world of surrogacy is often a foreign one to health professionals, with many clinicians feeling as though they are in treading in a legal quagmire when handling the care of surrogate mothers. Complexities around health disclosures, antenatal medical treatments and newborn care are among the pitfalls clinicians can encounter when dealing with a surrogacy.…

5 Jul 2023, by Amy Sarcevic


Overcoming barriers to short stay joint replacement programs

Short stay joint replacement programs are increasingly being talked about in healthcare, as forecasts for the surgery blow out to unsustainable levels. Statistics show that the lifetime risk of knee replacement in Australia is 1 in 5 for women and 1 in 7 for men. If this trend continues, the number of procedures is predicted…

4 Jul 2023, by Amy Sarcevic


Why all clinicians need to learn trauma-informed care

Clinicians have long known that women who misuse drugs and alcohol, experience domestic violence, or have a history of trauma, are considered ‘vulnerable’ along the child-bearing continuum, but a striking proportion have not yet received training on how to care for this patient cohort. Clinical Midwifery Consultant, Louise Everitt, says trauma-informed care is crucial in…

29 Jun 2023, by Amy Sarcevic


Healthcare CEO dispels the myths surrounding ERAS

ERAS (enhanced recovery after surgery) was first introduced as a model of care in the late 1990s, and is increasingly earning the support of clinicians in a range of surgical treatment modalities. The model, which uses a range of techniques to allow for faster post-operative recovery and mobilisation of patients, has been linked with a…

22 Jun 2023, by Amy Sarcevic


Beyond the amyloid hypothesis – how small molecules are giving hope to Alzheimer’s research

Ever since it was discovered in 1906, scientists have been rushing to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease – a form of dementia that affects 1 in 10 Australians aged over 65. In recent years, the bulk of this research has been centred on the ‘amyloid hypothesis’, which highlights the role amyloid plaques and tau…

5 Jun 2023, by Amy Sarcevic
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