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The start of a drug development revolution?

Professor Nikolai Petrovsky, a pioneer in the field of immuno-informatics from Flinders’ University, claims to have developed the world’s first AI-generated drug to have entered human trials; and is encouraging other researchers to consider AI technologies for drug discovery also. Deploying a range of AI technologies including Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Hidden Markov models, Random…

2 Aug 2019, by Amy Sarcevic

Defence & Security | Healthcare | Social Policy

The physical and mental health of young people in youth detention: A global scoping review

A systematic review of the health of young people in youth detention is expected to reveal, for the first time, a detailed and accurate picture of their physical and mental health, in a bid to entice further government intervention and investment. The research – undertaken by Dr. Rohan Borschmann and peers at the University of…

30 Jul 2019, by Amy Sarcevic


Increasing maternal awareness of DFM – a suitable stillbirth prevention measure?

A new program promoting maternal awareness of decreased fetal movement (DFM) during pregnancy is hoping to reduce the high and unwavering rates of stillbirth that exist in Australia and New Zealand. More than 2700 families directly experience stillbirth every year in these countries, a rate which has not improved in the last two decades. The…

11 Jul 2019, by Amy Sarcevic


How AUM Biosciences is improving drug availability and affordability worldwide

An award winning biotech startup, AUM Biosciences, is hoping to address the low returns on R&D investment that currently exist in oncology drug development, with an overarching mission to improve drug availability and affordability, worldwide. At present, only one in ten oncology drugs make it to market. This puts pressure on valuable R&D dollars, elevates…

25 Jun 2019, by Amy Sarcevic


A Surgeon’s perspective on working together in the operating theatre environment

Patient safety in the operating room has improved in the last few decades, however significant risks remain. Operative environments can be acutely stressful, with heavy workloads and high-risk decision making. Healthy team dynamics are critical in this context. Ahead of the Operating Theatre Management Conference, Dr. Nicole Yap, a Breast Surgeon and Deputy Chair of…

11 Jun 2019, by Amy Sarcevic


Commercialising Healthcare Innovation

The Australian healthcare sector is not short of innovation. In a single year, around 10,000 digital health apps will be added to the app store; almost as many pharmaceutical research papers will be published by academic journals; and the Australian medical technology (medtech) industry will gross upwards of ten billion dollars. But in a bottlenecked…

10 May 2019, by Amy Sarcevic

Banking & Finance | Healthcare

The headwinds confronting PHI and opportunities to grow participation

The Australian private health insurance (PHI) industry is no stranger to the topic of affordability, but with rates of participation declining for the first time since the introduction of Life Time Health Cover loading; the Medicare Levy Surcharge; and 30 percent Rebate some 19 years ago, the issue is resurfacing. Though participation rates remain generally…

12 Apr 2019, by Amy Sarcevic


What does dementia feel like?

In Australia 342,000 people are living with Dementia – a pervasive collection of symptoms including memory loss, confusion and apathy. Despite its prevalence, renowned dementia advocate, John Roth, believes the condition is often misinterpreted by both healthcare professionals and wider society. While many of the symptoms have the potential to reduce quality of life for…

4 Apr 2019, by Amy Sarcevic

Banking & Finance | Healthcare

2019 a key year for PHI reform

2019 looks set to be a key year for private health insurance with the Australian Government this week confirming it will fund the development of a nationally searchable website to promote the transparency of medical specialist fees; with a complementary education initiative for consumers, GPs and specialists. The website will provide information on the costs…

8 Mar 2019, by Amy Sarcevic


A new therapeutic for Alzheimer’s is imminent – what is it and what will it mean?

An ageing population could see global cases of dementia and its major form Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) almost double every twenty years. However, a new therapeutic approach currently being trialled in Australia could put a halt to this growth, cutting cases of Alzheimer’s by as much as 50 percent. Associate Professor Michael Woodward - who appeared…

6 Mar 2019, by Amy Sarcevic
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