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Why private health insurers should care about chronic disease management

Surgery for heart disease represents one of the largest costs for private health insurers in Australia at a collective $2.1 billion annually. By comparison, the sector has only modestly invested in heart disease management – a move that, paradoxically, could make acute outcomes like surgery much less common. Since 2007, when the sector was first…

17 Dec 2021, by Amy Sarcevic


The impact of low vector supply in Australia

A global genomic revolution is currently in full swing, with significant advances in gene editing, DNA sequencing, CRISPR, therapeutics, and molecular diagnostics. However, manufacturing for viral vectors – the engineered viruses that carry genetic materials to host cells - is lagging behind global demand, delaying clinical trials and the progression of new genetic therapies to…

15 Nov 2021, by Amy Sarcevic

Healthcare | Occupational Health & Safety

How to stop violence in hospitals

‘Prevention not cure’ has long been considered the Holy Grail of healthcare, but what if this same logic was applied to security in healthcare settings, in place of reactive strategies for combatting patient violence? Associate Professor Paul Preisz who founded Australia’s first ever PANDA (Psychiatric, Alcohol and Non-Prescription Drug Assessment) unit believes preventing – not…

9 Nov 2021, by Amy Sarcevic


Managing workplace violence at Monash Health – an interview with Security Director Steve Bills

Violence against healthcare professionals is prevalent in Australia, with 87 percent of workers reporting at least one physical assault over a six month period. With the rise of methamphetamine usage and the number of patients presenting to emergency wards with acute mental health problems, the issue is growing. Between 2016 and 2019 physical assaults in…

25 Oct 2021, by Amy Sarcevic


Improving outcomes from reproductive carrier screening – an interview with Prof Martin Delatycki

Reproductive carrier screening (RCS) has become increasingly sophisticated over the years. Now capable of screening thousands of genes, RCS can identify couples at risk of many hundreds of autosomal and X-linked recessive genetic conditions. But while RCS is being offered to more women and couples, scope for poor patient outcomes remains higher than it should,…

20 Oct 2021, by Amy Sarcevic


How Dr Louise Sun is Harnessing Big Data to Change Cardiovascular Medicine

There's a new, glimmering frontier in healthcare. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are reshaping the future, with the potential to relieve the burden on health professionals and allow physicians to connect better with patients. Also known as ‘Deep Medicine’, AI and Machine Learning can help cut down the cost of healthcare. From transforming note taking and…

28 Sep 2021, by Skye Rytenskild


Damien Mu, AIA: Incentivising Australians to Improve Health & Wellbeing

Empowering Australians with the tools they need to take control of their own health is an impetus sweeping across the nation's health sector. Around 40% of Australians now live with chronic health conditions and half of all hospital admissions are related. There’s clearly an urgent need for meaningful change to the way chronic disease is…

15 Sep 2021, by Skye Rytenskild


Why John Brumby is Thinking Big About Australian Biotechnology

One of the upsides of the pandemic is that it has shown that Australia has a remarkable ability to respond when swift action is needed in drug development. However, while we're known as a leading destination for early phase clinical trials, there has been a historic disconnect with wider commercialisation and bringing our solutions to…

6 Sep 2021, by Skye Rytenskild


Craig Gear OAM: “The New Human Rights-Based Aged Care Act Will Form the Bedrock of Change.”

Craig Gear OAM is CEO of the Older Person’s Advocacy Network (OPAN), an organisation funded by the Australian Government to deliver the National Aged Care Advocacy Program. OPAN helps older people receiving aged care in their own home, the community or aged care homes to understand their rights and get the best experience out of…

20 Aug 2021, by Skye Rytenskild


Better Workforce Design is Crucial to Aged Care Reform

Dr Anita Goh, one of Australia’s premier experts on ageing and neurodegenerative diseases, will be speaking at the 12th Annual National Dementia & Aged Care Reform Conference in Melbourne, 23 – 25 November 2021. She is a Senior Research Fellow at the National Ageing Research Institute (NARI). We spoke with Anita on how the Royal…

10 Aug 2021, by Skye Rytenskild
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