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Healthcare | Technology

Bridging the valley of death – how Australia can make more impact with its inventions

Australia's universities are world-class, ranking seventh globally for academic performance and tenth globally for the production of highly cited publications. When it comes to translating this research into real world industrial applications, however, we perform poorly, relative to our global peers. In fact, the percentage of Australian companies that introduce a new-to-market innovation is comparatively…

30 Nov 2023, by Amy Sarcevic


Becoming Pilbara’s first virtual pharmacist – what has Nikki Reynolds learned?

If you work in a metropolitan health centre, an onsite or nearby pharmacist might be something you take for granted. In Country Western Australia (WA), only 15 of the 100 plus health sites have regular onsite pharmacist resources. Given the vastness and remoteness of the area, it would not be viable to employ a pharmacist…

28 Nov 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Transport & Logistics

Pipeline resilience – the answer to all of rail’s problems?

The pipeline of rail work in New Zealand has fluctuated in recent decades; along with it, the supply of specialised workers needed to fulfil it. Despite the increasing popularity of rail, shifting political priorities have created a ‘stop and go’ industry, often with large gaps in between major projects. In turn, talent has frequently departed…

28 Nov 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Energy & Utilities

Green steel requires a global effort to be viable for widespread adoption

With the steel sector contributing between 7-9% of the world's CO2 emissions, the industry is working to reduce its carbon footprint. They are doing this by employing innovative technologies like green hydrogen-based direct reduction and low-carbon resources like high-grade iron ore and waste. With less than 0.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions per ton of steel…

23 Nov 2023, by Kristen Gutierrez

Defence & Security | Technology

What is space resilience and how can we achieve it in the current fiscal climate?

The space domain is fraught with risks - from radiation, to supply chain worries, cyberattacks, and the kinetic and physical threat to ground and space infrastructure. In this context, what does it mean to be resilient; and how can we best achieve it in the current fiscal climate? Chris Jewell, Program Director for JP9102 at…

15 Nov 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Energy & Utilities | Technology

The trends impacting the size and nature of hydrogen demand

With global demand for hydrogen reaching 95 megatonnes last year, there has never been a more pressing time to understand the trends and market characteristics shaping this fast-evolving sector. With this in mind, Informa Connect spoke with Izzi Messina, Vice President of Growth & Development at Wood, ahead of the Australian Hydrogen Conference (West). He…

6 Nov 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Technology | Transport & Logistics

How Siemens Mobility is improving the emissions, safety and security profile of rail

Climate change, cybercrime, and safety in the rail industry are not easy problems to solve, but thanks to the efforts of Siemens Mobility, they are becoming much easier. In recognition of the enormous role rail plays in our clean energy future, the technology vendor has designed a range of solutions to make transport options cleaner…

6 Nov 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Transport & Logistics

Overcoming barriers to a national level crossing strategy in New Zealand – what needs to happen?

Last year there were ten fatalities and 305 near misses on level crossings in New Zealand – annual figures that have been relatively stable over the last decade. While there is general agreement that improving safety at level crossings is important, the task is ostensibly complex, says Gini Welch of Waka Kotahi – a moderator…

3 Nov 2023, by Amy Sarcevic


How plants are inspiring the next generation of space travel

Engineers have long taken inspiration from nature when designing technologies. From solar panels (inspired by a grooved leaf), to wetsuits (which mimic an otters’ blubber), to aeroplanes (which borrow their design from birds). However, it may come as a surprise that plants are now giving clues to the Defence industry on how to engineer energy…

1 Nov 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Transport & Logistics

What measures need to be taken to optimise the Auckland rail network?

Auckland’s transport network is the most congested of any New Zealand city, with cars accounting for 67 percent of CBD travel and motorway trip lengths up 10 percent over the last four years. The city’s rail network is also congested, comprising a mix of metro, passenger, and freight trains – some stopping frequently and puncturing…

31 Oct 2023, by Amy Sarcevic
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