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Healthcare | Legal

Balancing the rights and responsibilities of doctors and patients

In December 2014, a 21-year old man was brought to a Victorian Emergency Department (ED) by his family because of bizarre behaviour. Clinicians believed he was suffering from a mental illness, probably psychosis. He was, however, co-operative and agreeable to staying for further assessment and probable admission. Therefore, he did not meet criteria for involuntary…

15 Nov 2019, by Amy Sarcevic

Technology | Transport & Logistics

Reaching net zero carbon and implications for asset renewal in rail

In a national bid to reach net zero carbon and meet the prescribed targets of the 2016 Paris Agreement, rail has an important role to play. It’s efficient throughput and high passenger density may give it brownie points from an environmental perspective. However, with the vast majority of freight rail assets in Australia and New…

13 Nov 2019, by Amy Sarcevic

Energy & Utilities

Maintaining consistent energy supply through improved grid stability

Renewable energy is rapidly increasing its penetration of Australia’s overall energy supply mix, with states like South Australia heading towards a 75 percent market share by 2025. By 2050, almost all of the country’s coal generators will have reached the end of their technical lifecycle and will not be replaced – in a national bid…

8 Nov 2019, by Amy Sarcevic

Healthcare | Infrastructure

Healthy investments – more of the same or something different?

The health sector is undergoing seismic change driven by rapid technological innovation, increased demand from a growing and ageing population, budgetary pressure, and evolving patient and consumer expectations. When planning and budgeting for hospital infrastructure in this context, Governments are often faced with a key decision: invest in more of the same, or in delivering…

31 Oct 2019, by Amy Sarcevic


How feasible are the new aged care standards?

Amid revelations of elder abuse as part of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety last week, governments and agencies continue their efforts to stomp out malpractice and improve quality of life for all aged care recipients. As part of these efforts, the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission’s (ACQSC) new standards came…

28 Oct 2019, by Amy Sarcevic

Transport & Logistics

New train fleet upgrade to prevent 540 tonnes of carbon emissions annually

Transport for NSW is making tracks towards a more decarbonised future with a newly-purchased fleet of bi-mode trains - that will save $2 million per year in diesel fuel and prevent 540 tonnes of carbon emissions. The project will see 29 new trains introduced progressively onto the network of regional New South Wales from 2023…

24 Oct 2019, by Amy Sarcevic

Leadership & Communication | Transport & Logistics

Diversifying the rail industry workforce – challenges and opportunities

The importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace extends far beyond fairness and equal rights, and is key to enhancing the future of Australia’s rail sector, according to Matthew Clifford-Jones of Aurizon. “Creating a culture where everybody feels safe and included to come to work should be a priority for every organisation, but also,…

24 Oct 2019, by Amy Sarcevic


Evidence based practice and passing accreditation. Are they the same thing?

Accreditation standards and evidence-based practice (EBP) both strive to make the healthcare sector a better place, but do the two marry up? In 2018 the second edition of the National Safety & Quality Health Services standards came into effect. Included within the governance framework is a Comprehensive Care Standard requiring healthcare leaders to establish and…

17 Oct 2019, by Amy Sarcevic

Leadership & Communication | Legal

Is there a case for a Media Freedom Act? An interview with Professor Peter Greste

When former Al Jazeera journalist, Professor Peter Greste, was captured and imprisoned in Egypt - after his reporting of a topic believed to be compromising national security - he began thinking about the seeming tradeoff between the need for national security and democracy. Populist pressure to clamp down on national security threats, post 9/11, has seen…

11 Oct 2019, by Amy Sarcevic

Technology | Transport & Logistics

Satisfying the national rail safety regulator in today’s high-tech world

The heavy haul rail sector is rapidly evolving with new technology - from train automation, to interconnected and wireless devices, to communication-based train control. The speed of disruption is impressive and indicates a promising future for the sector: one which effectively balances cost, risk and performance. But amid the excitement associated with next generation systems,…

10 Oct 2019, by Amy Sarcevic
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