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The battle for betterment: Is STEM really taking over the arts?

In an age defined by technology and shaped by global competition, it’s true that we need more children and teenagers gaining an interest in STEM fields (for those who may not know, STEM subjects are science, technology, engineering, and maths). However, this idea has come under fire recently, as a well-known Washington Post columnist has…

8 Apr 2015, by Informa Australia

Education & Skilling

Are changes to funding creating a higher education bubble in the UK?

The recent establishment of the Centre for Global Higher Education by the UCL Institute of Education (IOE), has demonstrated the growing need for analysis into international trends within the higher education sector. New analysis into the trends of students moving into higher education has shown that there is an increase in both the amount of UK-based…

31 Mar 2015, by Informa Australia

Education & Skilling

Plymouth University President urges universities to embrace innovation & distinctiveness

To mark the upcoming UK Higher Education Regulation Forum taking place in the UK on the 19-20 May, we spoke to the President of Plymouth University, Professor Wendy Purcell about the challenges facing the higher education industry in the UK. Professor Purcell recommends universities to work on their distinctiveness in order to stay competitive in…

10 Mar 2015, by Informa Australia

Education & Skilling

Universities across the globe improving student culture for better retention

It is again that time of year when many new undergraduate students will be commencing their higher education journey. However, within this time it has become increasingly important for universities to lower student attrition rates. Not only is attrition a financial burden on higher education institutions, but it is disadvantageous for students who are looking…

12 Feb 2015, by Informa Australia

Education & Skilling

If teaching & learning managers make one change in 2015, what should it be?

There is no shortage of exciting developments in the world of teaching and learning. But with strong competition for resources and, in many cases, limited political will, T&L managers can seldom hope to implement all of the ideas and initiatives that they would like. So, if T&L managers can only make one significant change in…

5 Feb 2015, by Informa Australia

Education & Skilling

8 Teaching & Learning trends set to reshape Higher Education in 2015

From MOOCs to mobile learning, the past few years have seen the rise of plenty of new learning technologies and approaches with the potential to revolutionise traditional higher education. So far, the revolution has been less than total – but with external policy pressures now bearing even more strongly on Australian universities, have we reached…

15 Jan 2015, by Informa Australia

Education & Skilling

Leading change in teaching and learning: What are the greatest challenges?

In an increasingly competitive higher education market, improving the quality of teaching and learning is clearly vital – but the structural and cultural barriers to change remain formidable. We asked several of the sector’s leading experts, all speakers at the Future of Learning in Higher Education Summit in February, what they consider to be the…

4 Dec 2014, by Informa Australia

Education & Skilling

The 8 most important things Higher Education institutions should be doing to prepare for deregulation

The Senate hearings on university deregulation are over, and the sector is now in a state of anxious anticipation in advance of the committee’s report, due to be tabled on October 28. If deregulation does get through (and with most vice-chancellors now united in qualified support for change in the absence of greater government funding,…

20 Oct 2014, by Informa Australia

Education & Skilling

Higher Education Reform: What are Pyne’s options for compromise?

Despite vocal opposition from some quarters, the Abbott government remains strongly committed to its Higher Education reforms– but how will it go about securing the support of the Senate? We asked several of the sector’s leading experts, all speakers at the Financial Review’s Higher Education Reform Summit in November, where they expect to see changes…

29 Sep 2014, by Informa Australia

Education & Skilling

How will universities set their fees in a deregulated market?

In the May budget, the Abbott government announced plans to deregulate tuition fees at Australian universities, allowing higher education institutions to set their own course prices from 2016. Plans to cut government contributions for undergraduate student education by 20 per cent were also unveiled, essentially passing the cost of going to university onto learners themselves.…

26 Aug 2014, by Informa Australia
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