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Case Study | Facilitating Peace Education Programmes in a Women’s Correctional Facility in NZ

In lead up to the Correctional Services Healthcare Summit, at Informa Insights, we spoke to Catherine Gavigan, Director, National Centre for Training and Development regarding her international case study on "Facilitating Peace Education Programmes in a Women's Correctional Facility in New Zealand". You are the Director at National Centre for Training and Development -What have…

13 Sep 2016, by a a

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Managing Ageing Patients: Reception to Palliative Care

Mr Chris Puplick AM, Chair of the Board, Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network (NSW) will be speaking at the Correctional Services Healthcare Conference.  In the lead up to the 7th Annual Correctional Services Healthcare Conference, at Informa Insights, we had a chance to speak to Chris about his most recent work with Justice Health…

12 Sep 2016, by a a

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Finding Peace: How the Peace Education Program can Help Inmates Rediscover their Inner Resources

The Peace Education Programme is an innovative educational program that has been delivered in over 120 correctional facilities around the world. The aim of the program is to help participants discover their own inner resources and the possibility of personal peace. As a preview to some of the issues being covered at the 6th Annual…

11 Aug 2015, by a a

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Solving the Mental Health Crisis in Australian Correctional Facilities

The 6th annual Correctional Services Healthcare Summit will be held on the 24th – 25th of August at the Rendezvous Grand Hotel in Melbourne and will deal with a large range of issues surrounding healthcare in a correctional setting, including prisoner mental health, rehabilitation and models of care. Jim Coombs is a retired magistrate, former barrister and economist,…

21 Jul 2015, by a a

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Prison Riot Triggers Debate on Smoking Bans in Prisons

Tuesday’s riot at Melbourne’s Ravenhall remand centre has triggered debate about the smoking ban that has been implemented in Victorian Prisons. The riot, allegedly over the ban on cigarettes and tobacco that was implemented on Wednesday, lasted for 15 hours and resulted in heavily-armed police storming the maximum security prison in order to quell the rioters.…

6 Jul 2015, by a a

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Morbidity, recidivism and re-incarceration for at-risk populations in correctional settings

Transition programmes are designed to equip prisoners with the skills and support to manage their transition from prison to the community. Creating person-centred programs with long-lasting impact continues to be a difficult challenge, particularly when we consider the multiple and complex care needs of many prisoners. In the lead up to the 5th Annual Correctional Services…

5 Aug 2014, by a a

Correctional Healthcare | Health & Healthcare

Implementing smoke-free prison programs: Ensuring collaboration and safety

50% of smokers are dying from a tobacco-related illness.  With 80% of the prison population being smokers, smoking bans have started to be implemented across prisons in New Zealand, the Northern Territory and Queensland. Controversy lies as to whether a ban on smoking is really the best way of reducing smoking within prisons, with concerns being…

22 Jul 2014, by a a

Correctional Healthcare

Addressing the cultural needs of the Aboriginal prison population

Indigenous Australians make up more than a quarter of Australia’s prisoner population while constituting only 2.5 per cent of the Australian population (according to the 2013 Australian Institute of Criminology 'deaths in custody' monitoring report). Accordingly, addressing Indigenous over-representation in custody requires innovative thinking and cultural sensitivity, with  design being one approach that could help mediate…

16 Jul 2014, by a a

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Discrepancies found in common healthcare procedures around the country

According to a new report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), the treatment of even the most common health conditions in Australia can "vary considerably" depending on whereabouts in the country a patient lives. The 'Exploring Healthcare Variation in Australia' discussion paper, released by the AIHW in conjunction with the Australian Commission on Safety…

5 Jun 2014, by a a

Acute Healthcare | Correctional Healthcare

Forensic Nursing becoming an established practice in Australia

By Linda Starr, Associate Professor, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Flinders University At long last we can now say that Forensic Nursing is an established specialty area of practice in Australia.  What is forensic nursing?  Isn’t forensics about dead people?  These are common questions asked by not only members of the public but also health…

23 Jan 2014, by a a
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