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Getting to know your inner-psychopath – why it’s hard to be good with money

Can we have too much of a good thing? When it comes to money, the answer in the Psychology community is increasingly ‘yes’. Psychologists have amassed considerable evidence for a causal link between money and self-interested behavior. Well-off people are statistically more likely to cheat in a game, less likely to help a passerby and,…

25 May 2017, by Amy Sarcevic

Education & Skilling

The importance of STEM in preparing for the fourth industrial revolution

We are on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution and Australia must increase participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects to meet the demands of its evolving job market. Our current education system isn’t converting enough students into modern, high-level professions such as nanotechnology, bio-engineering and computer science – yet these are…

23 May 2017, by Amy Sarcevic


“Future prosperity will look nothing like the past” – The challenges for today’s regional economies

With a growing economic gap between Australia’s major cities and regional areas, there has never been a more important time to examine the policies and strategies that can ensure prosperity for regional, remote and rural economies. Long run labour force data shows the progressive disappearance of routine cognitive and routine manual jobs across the country.…

16 May 2017, by Laurien Maerman

Leadership & Communication

The language of finance – is it skewing our moral compass?

The language used within the banking and finance sector - whether it be in a company's annual report or face-to-face during a business transaction - is becoming increasingly technical, abstract, and morally and ethically neutral. Terms like Collateralized Debt Obligation and Global Financial Crisis are more frequently referred to by their acronyms CDO and GFC,…

8 May 2017, by Amy Sarcevic


How can we solve the need for cheaper, reliable energy in Australia?

A survey released by The Australia Institute last year found that 80 per cent of those with PV solar panels would like to go off grid by using battery power. Consumers want to take back control, but is going off grid really the solution? Living off the grid using a solar battery system certainly appears…

5 May 2017, by Informa Insights


Australian “internet of things” energy company Wattwatchers has raised $2M for innovation start-up

Australian “internet of things” energy company Wattwatchers has raised $2 million towards its mission to put home and business electricity data back in the hands of consumers, allowing them to cut costs and better match solar and storage to their energy needs.   The NSW-based company said on Wednesday that it had received a $2…

4 May 2017, by Informa Insights

Health & Healthcare

Removing barriers to disability employment with the Employment Assistance Fund

JobAccess is the Australian Government’s national hub for disability employment, and includes the Employment Assistance Fund for workplace modifications and support. This vital service provides wide-ranging assistance, is easier to access than you might think, and has helped thousands of people with disability to get a job, keep a job or progress a career… Wide-ranging…

20 Apr 2017, by Informa Insights

Health & Healthcare

Disability housing and support for younger people with very high and complex care needs: Closing the gap through the NDIS

Luke Bo’sher, Head of Policy and Strategy, Summer Foundation will be speaking at the upcoming 2017 Younger People with Very High and Complex Care Needs Conference. At Informa Insights, we spoke to Luke about his work, current projects and presentation agenda prior to the conference.   Q: You are the currently the Head of Policy and Strategy…

18 Apr 2017, by Informa Insights

Health & Healthcare

Supporting Younger People With Very High and Complex Care Needs

  We are delighted to have Meg Parsons, Director, Practice Implementation, National Disability Insurance Agency to present a keynote address at the 2017 Younger People with Very High and Complex Care Needs Conference. At Informa, we had an opportunity to interview Meg prior to the event. You are the currently the Director of Practice Implementation…

18 Apr 2017, by Informa Insights


ABA CEO Anna Bligh on ‘erosion of trust’ in banks

The Australian Bankers Association’s new CEO, Anna Bligh aims to rebuild trust between the banks and their customers. Her powerful statement “I think there is a direct correlation between the implosion of trust and explosion of scrutiny” is memorable and timely. She told the Australian Financial Review's Banking & Wealth Summit on 5 April in…

12 Apr 2017, by Informa Insights
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