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Education & Skilling

Higher Education Summit 2010 – Were you there?

The 8th Annual Higher Education Summit was held on Thursday 29th - Friday 30th April 2010 at the National Wine Centre of Australia, Adelaide. The summit brought together Government authorities, educators and leading researchers to identify the key issues for reforming Australia’s education sector and to discuss the strategies to strengthen and improve the teaching…

26 May 2010, by Informa Australia

Planning & Design

The 9th Annual SCADA Conference – Were you there?

Did you missed out on this year's SCADA conference? If you did, watch the videos below to see what you missed out on! Now in its 9th year, the National SCADA Conference facilitated insightful debates on critical strategic, technical and business issues, for successful SCADA systems and up to date practical and competent advice to…

13 May 2010, by Informa Australia

Mining & Resources

13th Annual Global Iron Ore and Steel Forecast Conference highlights!

The 13th Annual Global Iron Ore & Steel Forecast 2010 attracted almost 400 delegates and over 20 exhibitors this year, with a spectacular line-up of speakers - both local and international. Local highlights include Sam Walsh, CEO from Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Ian Ashby, President of BHP Billiton Iron Ore and Andrew Forrest, CEO of…

11 May 2010, by Informa Australia

Health & Healthcare

12th Annual Health Congress 2010

[youtube=] Healthcare reform is high on the Rudd government’s policy agenda. In a highly anticipated announcement last March, Prime Minister Rudd made a promise to revamp the national hospital and healthcare system. It was during this announcement that Informa held its 12th Annual Health Congress on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of March in Sydney.…

27 Apr 2010, by Informa Australia

Maritime and Transport | Rail

Rail industry is booming but national rail plan still needed

In the lead up to AusRAIL 2010 – themed "The Rail Plan: Where? How? Why?" – Bryan Nye, CEO of the Australasian Railway Association (ARA), says the rail industry is on the rise but a national transport plan still needs to be taken to government. Mr Nye says that keeping rail matters on the agenda…

15 Apr 2010, by Informa Australia

Maritime and Transport | Rail

AusRAIL PLUS 2009 exclusive interviews!

David George, CEO, CRC for Rail Innovation talks about the projects and research that will help take the Australian rail sector forward. The CRC sessions at AusRAIL PLUS 2009 came at an exciting time as they foreshadowed the research to be published shortly on high speed rail and its applicability in the Australian context. Watch…

15 Apr 2010, by Informa Australia

Education & Skilling

information technology in higher education

We attended Higher Education IT in October last year and manage to ask a few speakers some questions! First up, Geoffrey Bowers, Director of Daemon Internet Consultants. [youtube=] Mr Bowers talks to us about the creation of UNSW TV and the training process that caters for people of different technological experience. Secondly, we had the…

9 Apr 2010, by Informa Australia

Mining & Resources

BULKEX 2009 – Australasia’s Bulk Handling Exhibition

[] With the financial climate continuing to improve, plans are underway for the next BULKEX exhibition to be held in Sydney from 9-11 August 2011. BULKEX 2009 attracted over 200 exhibitors and 1500 industry attendees during the 3-day event. If you weren't at BULKEX 2009, watch the video to see what you've missed out on!…

9 Apr 2010, by Informa Australia

Health & Healthcare

Interview with Professor Warwick Anderson of NHMRC

[youtube=] Professor Warwick Anderson AM, CEO, National Health and Medical Research Council, spoke to us about the main health issues today. He discusses the future health challenges of an ageing population, health inequalities in indigenous populations and the research activities of the NHMRC to deal with these complex issues. Website: Contact: +61 2 9080…

19 Feb 2010, by Informa Australia

Education & Skilling

Education relationship defines professional standards

Click here to watch the interview. Universities play an essential role in their relationship with professional bodies, says Professor Derrick Armstrong, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Registrar of The University of Sydney. Professor Armstrong will be one of the presenters at the 8th Annual Higher Education Summit in Adelaide on April 29 and 30. He says…

15 Feb 2010, by Informa Australia
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