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Workplace Bullying Conference 2014  

Workplace Bullying Conference 2014

Transitioning towards a bully free workplace

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Changes to the Fair Work Act 2009 (the Fair Work Amendment Bill) came into effect on Jan 1st 2014. These changes give new powers to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to handle workplace bullying complaints directly. The powers are designed to allow the Fairwork Commission to stop workplace bullying while also expanding the entitlements of employees. Employees now have greater rights to make a claim against bullying which will be mediated by the FWC. With this in mind, employers now need to be absolutely compliant with the legislation and implement policies to prevent, address and stamp out bullying in the workplace.

Company directors and every HR department across the country now have an obligation to ensure that they have active internal policies to deal with bullying and actively promote a zero tolerance culture. This means that employers will need to more proactively train staff and investigate, manage and mediate claims.  Since Jan 1st the stakes have definitely been raised in terms of WHS compliance and potential liability. Organisations must now work to have well designed and well implemented training and education supported by a well-defined and fair disciplinary process.

Following on from the success of the Inaugural Workplace Bullying Conference in December last year, Informa is pleased to be running the Workplace Bullying Conference 2014. The focus of the conference will be discussing the effects of the legislative changes to date and on implementing practical policies and programs for bullying prevention.

Keynote opening address from:
John Kovacic, Deputy President, Fair Work Commission

Confirmed speakers:

  • Evelyn Field, Psychologist, Author & Bully Blocking Expert
  • Moira Jenkins, Director, Aboto Psychology and Workplace Conflict Management Services
  • Harriet Stacey, CEO, Wise Workplace 
  • Richard Calver, National Director of Industrial Relations and Legal Counsel, Master Builders Australia 
  • Associate Professor Michael Robertson, Chief Medical Officer, The Recovre Group
  • Shane White, Managing Director, Pinnacle Integrity 
  • Aaron Lane, Research Fellow, Institute of Public Affairs 
  • Oscar Yildiz, CEO, Bully Zero Australia Foundation 
  • Jodie Cross, Community Relations Manager, NRL One Community
  • Paul O'Halloran, Senior Associate – Workplace Law, FCB Group 
  • Chris O'Connor, Interview Consultant and Trainer, Strategic questions
  • Mina Podbereski, Director Regional Services NSW/ACT, Regulatory Operations Group, Comcare
  • Commissioner Anna Lee Cribb, Member of the Tribunal, Fair Work Commission
  • Ewen McConchie, Director, CoSolve Pty Ltd

The agenda will include the following topics for discussion:

  • Legislative update 
  • The role of education and training in eliminating or reducing workplace bullying 
  • The effect of the new legislation on businesses and Australian industry 
  • A union point of view - how to deal with bullying when both the bully and victim are members of the union 
  • Shortcomings of the new legislation 
  • The dividing line between performance management and workplace bullying 
  • Examining a practical guide to investigating a bullying allegation 
  • The psychology of the bully and their victim 
  • Returning to work post bullying and harassment 
  • Empowering indiveduals to work collaboratively to solve workplace issues 
  • The importance of bystander intervention 
  • Cyberbullying 
  • How to move from compliant to protected 
  • Risk assessment 
  • Financial risks

Case studies:

  • Application of the new legislation across the construction industry 
  • The NRL Tackle Bullying Campaign

Pre-conference afternoon workshop – Tuesday 20th May 2014

'An introduction to Train the Trainer - using a risk management framework'
Moira Jenkins, Director, Aboto Psychology and Workplace Conflict Management Services

Post conference morning workshop - Friday 23rd May 2014

'The 'ideal' bullying investigation and anti-bullying policy development methods'
Shane White, Managing Director, Pinnacle Integrity

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