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The 11th Annual STEM Education Conference

30-31 July 2024 | PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, Sydney

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In its 11th consecutive year, the esteemed STEM Education Conference is set to take place on 30th-31st July, 2024, in Sydney. As the leading education platform in Australia, we invite you to join our passionate speakers in sharing insights that will shape the future of STEM education.

In a time of remarkable technological progress and evolving career paths, this conference serves as a guiding light for Australia’s educators, policymakers, and industry leaders. It offers a platform to delve into the most recent strategies, innovations, and partnerships propelling STEM education into the future.

  • Gain valuable insights into how interdisciplinary collaboration enhances students’ readiness for future STEM careers and discover practical methods for incorporating these principles into educational settings.
  • Exploring the latest advancements in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, and their applications across various industries.
  • Fostering critical thinking skills by challenging students to analyse problems, develop hypotheses, and devise solutions using evidence-based reasoning and logic.
  • Encouraging creativity and innovation by providing opportunities for students to explore, experiment, and design solutions to real-world challenges.
  • What STEM in Australia looks like by improving diversity by engaging students in hands-on learning experiences.

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Dr Cathy Foley

Australia’s Chief Scientist

Lucy Bennett

Doctoral Lecturer in Education, University of Canberra

Adrian Janson

Learning Area Leader – Design & Technology Teacher, Caulfield Grammar School

Dr Meera Varadharajan

Senior Research Fellow and Research Lead, Nexus Program, La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia

Jo Mendoza

Director of Science, Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School

Dr John Buchanan

Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Technology Sydney

Teresa Janowski

Founder & CEO, STEM Fast Track

Dr Hazel Abraham

Senior Lecturer and Kaiwhakatere, Auckland University of Technology

Patrick McGing

Principal, Westbourne College

Dr Michael Myers

Founder & Executive Chairman, Re-Engineering Australia Foundation

Adam Quinn

STEM Teacher, Condobolin High School

Matthew Wallace

Head of STEM, Blackfriars Priory School

Owen Stanborough

Head of House and Leader of Learning, Creative Arts and Design Technology, Blackfriars Priory School

Karen Taylor-Brown

Co-Founder and Publisher, Refraction Media

Ben Branford

Director, Trotec

Dr Margaret Moreton

Chair Executive Director - Education and Engagement, Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience

Dr Fiona Yardley

Director Higher Education, NSW Department of Education

Dr Darren Saunders

NSW Deputy Chief Scientist & Engineer and Executive Director, Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer

Dr Emma Calgaro

Senior Strategy Officer, Science & Risk Assessment NSW Reconstruction Authority

Michael Kasumovic

Founder & Director, Arludo

Liam Sloan

Head of Technology & Enterprise, Wilderness School

Mark Mannion

Science Content Coordinator, Stile Education

Maria Vieira

Lecturer – Education Futures Outreach, University of South Australia

Joe Blackwell

Coordinator of TAS and STEM, Officer Commanding PHSACU, Pittwater House

Jamie Buttigieg

CEO, Skill Samurai

Sam Papasidero

Science and Technology Teacher, Marist College Canberra

Georgia Constanti

Academic Leader STEM PK-6, All Saints Grammar School

Heather Catchpole

Educator Programs Regional Manager, Questacon – The National Science & Technology Centre

Corey Tutt OAM

Founder & CEO, DeadlyScience

Shelley Wilson

Educator Programs Regional Leader NSW, Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre

Fiona Donnelly

Deputy Principal, Granville Boys High School


8:50 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Teresa Janowski, Founder & CEO, STEM Fast Track


9:00 am

KEYNOTE ADDRESS | STEM Career Pathways Report on Barriers to STEM Careers

Dr Cathy Foley, Australia’s Chief Scientist

9:30 am

  • What’s out there for students in STEM – a story built from experience.
  • What perspective does industry have on the importance of STEM education.
  • What does the research say about engagement boys and girls in STEM.
  • How a shift in the role of teachers caused by STEM can re-energise your career.
  • Trait-consciousness … the key for lifelong success.


10:10 am

  •  What is the role of educators in making STEM more engaging for young girls.
  • How to create environments where girls feel safe and supported to take risks and engage deeply with STEM subjects.
  • Case study: UniSA STEM Girls Academy Outreach program – Providing free, accessible education in STEM programs can remove barriers to entry.


10:40 am

  • Encouraging interdisciplinary projects to integrate learnings from multiple STEM fields to fosters a deeper understanding of how the disciplines interconnect and apply to real-life situations.
  • Implementing STEM programs at a fundamental level to spark interest in young learners and build a strong foundation.
  • Using online platforms to provide a more interactive and personalised learning experience, making STEM subjects more engaging and accessible.

11:10 am

Morning Tea & Networking Break

11:40 am

  • The MYP (IB Middle Years Program) Design Cycle and how it provides a common framework for STEM
  • Creating a course and pathways to engage and attract students into STEM
  • Engaging and keeping girls in STEM

12:10 pm

  • Exploring the outcomes of a pilot study in STEM education, highlighting key findings
  • Examining the importance of STEM transdisciplinary approaches and community involvement incorporating the Design Thinking framework
  • Actively engage in hands-on STEM challenges, fostering experiential learning and problem-solving skills.

1:00 pm

Lunch & Networking Break

2:00 pm

  • Implementing a multi-faceted approach to STEM education.
  • Gaining a broad range of skills and experiences since we have implemented a real-life problem-solving approach to the curriculum.
  • Experiences in middle school have enabled them to succeed at Year 12 in the SACE course Industry and Entrepreneurial Solutions, designed with an architecture focus.

2:30 pm

FIRESIDE CHAT | PLC Junior Years STEM Program

3:00 pm

Afternoon Tea & Networking Break


3:30 pm

  • Implementing outreach initiatives to increase and foster interest in STEM among underrepresented groups.
  • Establishing programs and partnerships with industries, universities, and community organizations to create clear and accessible STEM career pathways for all students.
  • Ensuring the curriculum aligns with evolving job market demands, equipping students with the skills needed for future STEM careers.
  • Using data and feedback to continuously improve STEM education strategies and policies.

4:00 pm

  • Career changers professionals from STEM backgrounds are in a position to address teacher shortages and STEM-literacy deficits in Australia.
  • They bring career and life experience, ‘beyond school’ perspectives and can make science and mathematics teaching more relevant and engaging.
  • Examining findings from a project to identify strategies to recruit, engage and retain STEM professionals in teaching.
  • A SWIFT approach: Societal/cultural change; Whole-school approaches; Income and financial support; Flexibility; and Targeted approach.

4:30 pm


Teresa Janowski, Founder & CEO, STEM Fast Track

8:55 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Karen Taylor-Brown, Co-Founder and Publisher, Refraction Media


9:00 am

  • How Questacon is working with educators to build impact around Australia through Engineering is Elementary, STEM Futures and more
  • Fostering partnerships that build STEM learning and make career pathways more visible for students

9:30 am

  • The Program aims to enhance the STEM education and skill development of students in kindergarten through to Year 12.
  • Implementing the program with focus on technologies directly relevant to the management and response of natural disasters.
  • Ensuring that the program effectively ignites students’ curiosity in technological domains and serves as a source of inspiration for the next generation of innovators and technologists.

10:00 am

  • What is Project X
  • Schools’ perspective of the project
  • Importance of students collaborating with industry
  • Lessons learnt so far

10:30 am

Morning Tea & Networking Break

11:00 am

  • Discuss how Stile’s partnership with Lunaria One, a project where students will choose which seeds will be grown on the Moon, aims to get students excited about science while demonstrating its collaborative, multidisciplinary nature.
  • Examine how Stile’s new Plants unit builds data science skills with a focus on real-world applications and citizen science.
  • Unpack the engineering challenges involved in getting seeds from Earth to the Moon, including how to safely transport the seeds and the biological challenges of growing plants on the Moon.


11:30 am

  • ensuring the program is inclusive to include students from support and autism classes, mainstream and gifted and talented and selective students
  • funding the program on a limited budget and attracting sponsorship extending the program into the community through our primary schools robotics program
  • connecting students to a range of opportunities including industry experience and competing in competitions.

12:00 pm

  • The Mission: Founding DeadlyScience
  • Empowering Minds: Our Programs
  • Make a Difference: Get Involved

12:30 pm

  • Addressing the economic barriers by facing the challenges, resource shortages, and the scarcity of qualified STEM teachers in lower SES schools.
  • Enhancing student engagement through combating negative attitudes and boosting student enthusiasm for STEM through relevant curricula.
  • Designing an innovating curriculum by ensuring that it incorporates project-based learning and real-world problem-solving skills making STEM subjects more relevant and engaging.

1:00 pm

Lunch & Networking Break


2:00 pm

  • Scientific thinking is a skill that can be applied to any career, yet many students self-select themselves out of science because they feel they don’t have a “science brain”
  • This stems from the fact that the scientific process is comprised of different skill sets that overload student working memory when presented as a whole.
  • In this talk, I will demonstrate how to ‘break down’ science into more intuitive steps that allow students to complete an experiment in 10 minutes.
  • We will play a game with the audience and explore data in real time to demonstrate what I mean – so make sure you bring your phones!

2:30 pm

  • Overview of my learning journey from being allocated subjects out of my teaching expertise and how this has formed my teaching practice.
  • Leveraging project-based learning as a tool to teach any subject and the importance of flexibility in doing this.
  • How this has shaped my current plans for prioritising and implementing a STEM continuum at Lindisfarne.

3:00 pm

  • Developing a cohesive STEM curriculum that integrates seamlessly with existing school programs and meets educational standards can be challenging.
  • STEM programs must keep up with rapid technological advancements, but schools often delay, making it difficult to prepare students for futur
  • Significant need for specific training and continuous professional development for teachers to effectively deliver STEM curriculum.

3:30 pm


Karen Taylor-Brown, Co-Founder and Publisher, Refraction Media




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“Overall this was a great event, It allowed educators exposure to others educators innovative practices. Companies offer amazing products but very few (public) schools have the resourcing to foster the high end tech approach. It was great to see a range of other approaches.”
Paul Anderson, NT Schools

“Very well organised and run event with a collection of excellent speakers.”
Roy Anderson, Catholic Education NT

“A very informative professional learning experience, a must for anyone who would like to gain in-depth knowledge and insights into STEM pedagogy.”
Neroli Rose, Ebor Public School

“This event gave me insight into the wide range of resources that are available to support teachers in STEM.”

“This is not a trade show. You are not going to be sold a snake oil solution to STEM in a box. What you will do is engage in learning and networking with people who will inspire you.”
Michael Gowers, St Monica’s College

“Outstanding event with relevant information, Well Done.”
Adrian Rayner, Education Queensland

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when & where

30 - 31 Jul 2024

PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, Sydney
150 Day St, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9261 1188

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