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Monday 17 October 2016

Day One | Day Two

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Opening Remarks from the Chair

George Blundell, Clinical Risk Manager, St John of God Richmond Hospital

9:10 Enhancing Hospital Security Operations through Functional, Integrated Technical Solutions

  • Increasing security capability through technical solutions
  • Complying with legislative frameworks
  • Embedding multiple approaches to support a Digital Hospital
  • Managing information & performance reporting

Neil Curtis, Project Manager, SSA, Access Control & Security Systems, Metro South Health Corporate Services, Queensland Health

9:50 Physiology of Response

  • Understanding the Code Response process to ensure humane patient management & staff safety
  • Recognizing & understanding your response deficit - Identifying the gap
  • Development of a strategic crisis mind in service
  • Delivering dynamically risk assessed interventions to significantly reduce staff & patient injuries

Dean Marks, Security Services Manager, Western Health

10:30 Morning Tea & Networking

11:00 Managing Aggression in the Emergency Department

  • A system-wide approach involving all of the services
  • A local approach utilising early identification & de-escalation strategies
  • The elements of how to be successful

Dr Chris May, FACEM, Eminent Staff Specialist, Redland Hospital

11:40 PARTS - Police Acute Response & Triage Service - “Leading Mental Health Services in a New Direction”

  • Providing a more timely response
  • Reducing ED presentations & subsequent violence & aggression
  • Providing MH assessments & immediate referral
  • Re framing police interventions
  • Increasing emergency services capacity for mental health
  • Building community trust & alliance

Cathy Cooper, Senior Mental Health Clinician, Eastern Health
Sergeant Scott McLean, Croydon Police Station

12:20 Lunch & Networking

1:20 Ambulance Victoria Strategies for Health & Safety,& Occupational Violence

Rebecca Hodges, General Manager, People & Culture, Ambulance Victoria

- Implementing Safe Systems in Healthcare

Each panellist will reflect on their experiences below, followed by group discussion & audience participation:

  • What is your number one daily risk performing your current role?
  • Discuss 1-2 strategies that have worked in your organisation to safeguard yourself, your colleagues &/or patients?
  • How does technology assist you in your role, & does it limit your risks?
  • Future concerns & considerations - With growing concerns over the safety of people working in healthcare, what should we be focusing on now, to ensure a safe & secure environment in the future?

Danielle Austin, Incident Response Manager, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney
Fay Presbury, Clinical Nurse Consultant/Code Grey Coordinator, Monash Health Victoria
Dean Marks, Security Services Manager, Western Health
Alisha Bedggood, Occupational Health & Safety Manager, Human Resources, Ballarat Health Services

2:40 Afternoon Tea & Networking

- Tactical Communications for Health Care Workers

  • Verbal Judo is the gentle art of persuasion that redirects others behaviour with words & generates voluntary compliance. It is the only tactical communication course of its type in North America & Australia
  • The principles & tactics taught enable attendees to redirect hostile people, diffuse potentially dangerous situations, & perform professionally under all conditions
  • 100% relevant to every single healthcare worker or anyone who, in their day to day duties encounters difficult, aggressive or violent individuals/ situations. Security, law enforcement, educators, health, hospitality, managers & supervisors

Facilitated by Trevor Lawson, Victorian Associate, Verbal Judo Australia

5:30 Closing Remarks from the Chair, followed by Networking Drinks

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Day One | Day Two

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Opening Remarks from the Chair

Efraim Rosso, Acting Director of Nursing, St John of God Richmond Hospital

9:10 Alcohol & Drug Affected Patients - A Medico Legal Perspective

  • Self-discharge prior to treatment - What’s my duty of care?
  • Can I restrain or detain?
  • Privacy considerations - Who can I call?
  • Can I involve the police?

Katherine Lorenz, Chief Legal Officer, Monash Health
Tammy O’Connor, Senior Corporate Counsel, Legal Office, Monash Health

9:50 Therapeutic Containment Model of Care to Promote Patient Wellbeing

  • Funding from the Department to operate 2 withdrawal beds at CGHS Sale hospital
  • Therapeutic containment model of care to promote the wellbeing of our patients whilst they are undergoing what is essentially a very stressful & demanding processes (both physically & psychologically) detoxifying from various substances of dependence
  • Model of intervention to support our patient group & reduce the risk of situations that may give rise to a code grey situation

Teresa Strike, AOD (Alcohol & Other Drug) Nurse Consultant, Central Gippsland Health Service

10:30 Morning Tea & Networking

11:00 Journey to a Clinically Led Code Grey & the Improved Management of Clinical Aggression (MOCA)

  • Partnership with Melbourne Health & developing the MOCA program at BHS
  • Moving from security led to clinically led code grey
  • Collaboration between security & clinical staff
  • Involvement with the Grampians Health Region & the Department of Health
  • Success & barriers to the implementation
  • Future plans

Marcus Hovey, MOCA OH&S Coordinator, Human Resources, Ballarat Health Services
Alisha Bedggood, Occupational Health & Safety Manager, Ballarat Health Services

11:40 Designing & Setting Up an In-House Aggression Minimisation Training Program

  • Provide a safe workplace for staff, patients & visitors
  • Appeal to & meet the needs of a multi-disciplinary staffing base
  • Promote a team/ coordinated response to dealing with/ responding to aggression & violence
  • Issues faced through development & when commencing training
  • Staff guidance & support when faced & dealing with aggressive, challenging &/or violent situation/persons

Matthew Brown, Training Co-ordinator, Violence Prevention & Management, Education & Training Services, Western Sydney Local Health District

12:20 Lunch & Networking

1:10 Initiatives for Managing Aggression within ED’s

  • A streamlined approach for occupational violence across Metro North
  • Training & ongoing support from OV Prevention Services
  • Importance of a collaborative approach towards occupational violence
  • Utilising technologies to track, record & prevent aggression within the ED
  • Changing the culture around occupational violence

Lita Olsson, Occupational Violence Prevention Project Lead, Metro North Hospital & Health Service
Shane Turner, Occupational Violence Prevention Officer, Metro North Hospital & Health Service

1:50 Code Black - Implementing a Team Approach to Managing Violence & Aggression

  • The development & implementation of a multi-disciplinary team approach to managing Personal Threat in St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney
  • Our duty of care - Clarifying capacity, consent & discharging against medical advice for our clinicians & providing lawful direction to our Security team
  • Risk assessment - Identifying & flagging those patients at high risk of violence & aggression & communicating that effectively to our staff

Danielle Austin, Incident Response Manager, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney

2:30 Afternoon Tea & Networking

2:50 A Systematic Approach to Reviewing & Modifying How to Manage Clinical Aggression across Multiple Sites

  • Are we providing best practice for patients?
  • Are we providing the safest environment for staff?
  • What can we learn from other services?
  • Can identifying clinical trends reduce clinical aggression?
  • What have we changed?
  • Where do we go from here?

Fay Presbury, Clinical Nurse Consultant/Code Grey Coordinator, Monash Health Victoria

3:30 Staff Training - The Effects on their Sense of Safety & Wellbeing & Impacts on Daily Practice as a Caregiver

  • Discuss the benefits of rolling out an aggression management program on the confidence of staff when dealing with aggressive incidents in a semi-rural psychiatric setting
  • Discuss the flow on effect this has had on incident reporting
  • Addiction - The effects of this type of aggression on staff

Matthew Ireland, Clinical Nurse Consultant, St John of God Richmond Hospital
Lauren Hartley, Endorsed Enrolled Nurse, St John of God Richmond Hospital
George Blundell, Clinical Risk Manager, St John of God Richmond Hospital

4:10 Closing Remarks from the Chair & Close of the Conference

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