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Reasons why attendees enjoyed eMedication Management Conference

Great over view of current position of eMM in Australia
- Quality Improvement Officer, St Vincent's Private Hospital

Some great outcomes - fantastic to share with us
- Nurse Educator, Alfred Health

Lots of content provided in an engaging way
- EMM Project Coordinator, Cabrini Health

Good Practical presentations, with thought provoking issues
- Manager – Quality, Strategy & Development Australian Medicines Handbook

Lessons learnt from various sites can be used and coordinated for all the young eMM projects
- eMM Design Manager, Western Sydney Health District

A highlight was the presentations that gave us a view of where the future of eMM can take us and current experience in Australian Hospitals with implementation of eMM and primary robotics
- Acting Chief Pharmacist, Princess Margaret Hospital


Venue, Accommodation & Travel

Swissotel, Sydney
68 Market Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Ph: +61 (2) 9238 8888

For your convenience, Lido Group will organise your accommodation and travel, please follow the link below or call 02 8585 0808.

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