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Reasons why attendees enjoyed eMedication Management Conference

Great over view of current position of eMM in Australia
- Quality Improvement Officer, St Vincent's Private Hospital

Some great outcomes - fantastic to share with us
- Nurse Educator, Alfred Health

Lots of content provided in an engaging way
- EMM Project Coordinator, Cabrini Health

Good Practical presentations, with thought provoking issues
- Manager – Quality, Strategy & Development Australian Medicines Handbook

Lessons learnt from various sites can be used and coordinated for all the young eMM projects
- eMM Design Manager, Western Sydney Health District

A highlight was the presentations that gave us a view of where the future of eMM can take us and current experience in Australian Hospitals with implementation of eMM and primary robotics
- Acting Chief Pharmacist, Princess Margaret Hospital

eMedication Management Conference  

eMedication Management Conference

The nation's only event to look solely at electronic prescribing and electronic medication management systems

14 - 15 March 2017 | Swissotel Sydney

Sponsor & Exhibit
Venue & Accommodation

The 5th Annual eMedication Management Conference welcomed over 100 attendees from across all states and territories, including representation from NZ and the UK to the Swissotel in Sydney on 15-16 March 2016.

An insightful and informative two days (plus a post conference workshop) featured 24 speakers from public and private hospitals, governments and universities to examine the implementation and integration processes of eMM systems. This year’s Gold Exhibitors, K Care Healthcare and CSC provided the latest information and technology solutions to common issues experienced in this area of healthcare. Thank you to speakers, attendees, sponsors, and endorsers eHealth NSW and SHPA for their contributions to the event.

Some key issues were discussed:

  • Strong programs and leadership is required to ensure eMM projects keep moving forward with a smarter, safer, better mantra.
  • Understand your staff, how they work and ensure targeted solutions to suit your business needs
  • Sites finding eMR first then eMM to ensure a smooth transition as eMeds is the hardest. The challenges of implementing 2 eMM's will be something all attendees noted they were keen to hear about next year

You can visit the blog for further information on the key issues discussed.

Directly from the evaluation forms, here is a list of highlights from 2016:

  • Variety of speakers from across states and international speakers
  • Learning the user sites practical outcomes and fixes
  • Hearing about other sites and countries issues with project delivery
  • Medication safety
  • Leadership
  • Hearing about the obstacles each site had to deal with in the project cycle
  • Lessons learnt from various sites can be used and considered for all the "young" eMM projects
  • Information on how alerts are being handled elsewhere
  • Good practical presentations, with thought provoking issues and instructive, relevant information
  • Everything was interesting, more pharmacy focused i.e. prescribing, dispensing versus administration
  • Networking opportunities, being able to put the face to the name

Here is a list of the top challenges that people have told us they will face in the next 6-12 months:

  • Integration
  • Going live - eMM and EMR
  • Workforce
  • Implementation of electronic systems
  • Acute roll out for inpatient meds
  • Dispensing cabinets
  • Change fatigue
  • Not negatively impacting the work that is going on
  • Greater requirements without additional resources
  • Resources
  • Build and workflow - going live in surgical wards for the first time, getting a whole hospital done, and maternity and paediatrics
  • Accreditation and compliance with national standards
  • State and federal funding to hospitals and universities
  • Testing
  • Multiple projects going live at the same time
  • Cooperation and awareness between project streams, site committees and state group

The conference provided fantastic networking opportunities, and a platform for information sharing, encouraging hospitals that have had success with the introduction of eMM systems, to then support and guide the activities of those at an earlier stage in the process.


To develop a thought-provoking & inspiring program, we will be releasing a 'Call for Papers' in the coming weeks. Visit the website or simply forward your advice and recommendations for speakers and topics to be addressed to before Friday 30, September 2016.

View presentations from the 5th Annual eMedication Management Conference 2016


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