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Post Conference Workshop:
Wednesday 4th May 9.00 am – 12.00pm

ACP for Patients Not Fully Capable or Incapable of Decision Making- Legal and Ethical Concepts and Practical Experiences

ACP has mainly focused on patients being capable of decision making to plan ahead for future medical treatment. Yet, in many cases, patients are no longer or not fully capable of decision making. In both groups, ACP is as important as for patients with full decisional capacity.

Although several documents, (some legally binding, some legally important but not binding) exist and are widely used, such as the refusal of treatment certificate for agent or guardian, concepts and strategies of ACP processes including different groups of patients with deteriorated decision making capacity are scarce.

In this workshop we will discuss:

  • International legal and ethical concepts and local practical strategies (including in Zürich) applied by participants to involve incapacitated patients and their surrogates in ACP.
  • Participants will get a picture of international discussions and strategies to tackle this important issue in ACP.
  • The opportunity to build a network for ACP strategies targeted to patients with deteriorated decisional capacity.

PD. Dr. Tanja Krones, Head Clinical Ethics, University Hospital Zürich

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