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5th Annual National Pathology Conference  

5th Annual National Pathology Conference

Investigating developments in pathology assisting the future of Australian health

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Now in it's 5th year, the annual National Pathology Forum shares recent developments in pathology and how these are contributing to improve Australian health.

The program will feature case studies on innovative testing methods in the fields of genetics, biobanking and PoCT for example. The highly interactive nature of the National Pathology Forum will allow delegates to network with each other and converse with the speakers asking questions as part of debates, industry roundtables, short workshops and panel discussions.

Join expert speakers from Government, state-based Departments of Health, public and private pathology, universities and hospitals across Australia to hear a vast number of the latest industry perspectives.


  • Dr Martin Myers, Clinical Director of Pathology Services, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, UK


  • Clinical Professor Dominic Mallon, School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, The University of Western Australia and Western Australia Department of Health
  • Associate Professor Robert Heddle, Chief Pathologist, SA Pathology and Head: Clinical Immunology, Royal Adelaide Hospital (RA H)
  • Associate Professor Tony Badrick, Member, National Pathology Accreditation Advisory Council (NPAAC )
  • Associate Professor Anthony Landgren, Head Pathologist: General Pathology, Healthscope
  • Ken Barr, Executive Director, SA Pathology
  • Dr Glenn Edwards, National Medical Director, St John of God (SJOG ) Pathology
  • Len Moaven, Clinical Microbiologist, Laverty Pathology
  • Dr Beverley Rowbotham, Pathologist, Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology
  • Dr Melody Caramins, Head of Genetics, SDS Pathology (Specialist Diagnostic Services)
  • Associate Professor Ken Sikaris, Director of Clinical Support Systems, Sonic Healthcare
  • Lisa Devereux, President, Australasian Biospecimen Network Association (ABNA )
  • Paul Cohen, General Manager: Operations, Royal College of Pathologists Australia, Quality Assurance Programs (RCPA QAP )

Key topics:

  • How new legislation is affecting pathology
  • Should pathology be at the forefront of clinical service or back of house testing?
  • Genetic testing
  • Point of Care Testing
  • Quality assurance and industry regulation
  • Microbiology automation

What previous delegates thought about last year's event

“Relevant data about challenging areas and shared problems” - SA Pathology
“I enjoyed the event because of the opportunity to hear discussions on the higher level management issues” - Pathology Queensland
“Information very useful” - Laverty Pathology
“It covered a number of current and future issues facing both public and private providers” - SA Pathology

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