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The 2nd Annual Child Protection Forum  

The 2nd Annual Child Protection Forum

Advancing strategies and child protection systems to protect our children and their rights

18-19 September 2014 | Rendezvous Grand Hotel, Melbourne

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The National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009-2020 (Council of Australian Governments, 2009) states that “child protection is everybody’s business”

While as a nation we remain committed to protecting the rights of our children and keeping them safe how effectively have our systems worked in enhancing and upholding this commitment? What are some of the emerging challenges that threaten the safety of our children? How can we create systems and processes that prevent them from ‘falling between the cracks’?

The 2nd annual Child Protection Forum brings together government, child welfare experts and practitioners, research leaders and educators to continue the discussion on how we can strengthen and advance our child protection systems to ensure and promote the safety and welfare of our children. The forum will share insights on the realities of violence and abuse against children, the strategies for prevention and early intervention and the ways in which we can engage the whole community to work towards a safe and nurturing society for our children.

The topics for discussion will include:

  • Examining the national child protection system
  • Policy and practice – state comparisons
  • What have been the greatest challenges and issues for prevention and care arising in the last year
  • Characteristics of children coming under the system and a focus on early intervention
  • Effective family support to prevent families from entering or re-entering the child protection system
  • Notifications and substantiations – focusing on outcomes for the child
  • Access, capacity and capability of support systems
  • The child protection workforce – challenges and opportunities for development and change
  • Mental and physical abuse, sexual abuse, out of home care, social media impact and implications, bullying
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children
  • Emerging challenges and risk factors and prevention strategies
  • Children and the law

Speakers include:

  • Professor Graham Vimpani AM, Clinical Chair, Kaleidoscope: the Children's Health Network; Professor of Community Child and Family Health, University of Newcastle
  • Barrie Elvish, CEO, Wimmerra Uniting Care
  • Mailin Suchting, Director, Child Protection and Violence Prevention
  • Hilary Martin, CEO, Marymead
  • Casey Ralph, Chief of Operations, KARI Aboriginal Resource Centre
  • Dr Antonia Quadara, Research Fellow, Australian Institute of Family Studies
  • Rhys Price-Robertson, Senior Research Officer, Australian Institute of Family Studies
  • Meredith Kiraly, Research Fellow, Child, Youth and Family Research Program, University of Melbourne
  • Emma Rush, Lecturer – Philosophy and Ethics, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Charles Sturt University
  • Alan Jenkins, Director, Nada Consulting and Co-ordinator, Mary Street
  • Joanne Templeton, Coordinator, AMAZE

If you are interested in speaking or presenting a workshop at this conference please contact Anji Kurian –

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