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Tuesday 30 August 2016

Day One | Day Two

8.15      Registration and morning coffee

9.00      Welcome to day one & opening remarks

Giles Parkinson, Founder and Editor, RenewEconomy


John Sidoti, Parliamentary Secretary for Transport, Roads, Industry, Resources and Energy

9:30      Responding to evolving energy consumer behaviour in the age of digital transformation

Sarah-Jane Campbell, Senior Industry Manager, Energy, Google Australia

9:55      AGL Energy industry perspective

Andrew Vesey, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, AGL Energy

10:20      The overall energy ecosystem in Australia and how it is transforming

Ian McLeod, Industry Consultant & Chairman, Queensland Futures Institute, Energy Committee

10:45      The unusual and interesting merits of flow battery storage technology and its place in the future of energy storage

Simon Hackett, Executive Chairman, Redflow Limited

11:10      Questions

11:20      Morning tea & networking break

11:50      Accelerating the transition to sustainable energy

Mark Twidell , Director, Tesla Energy Products & Programs

12:10      The future of utilities – multi utility sustainable microgrids

Daniel Hilson, Executive Manager Energy and Urban Renewal, Flow Systems/Brookfield Infrastructure

12:30      Distributed Energy Resources in Microgrids

Ben Hamilton, General Manager Commercial Services and Finance, Horizon Power

12:50      Questions

1:00      Lunch and networking break

2:00      Evolution of the electricity grid

  • The rise of the pro-sumer
  • Large innovation leaps in the emerging technology space
  • How the network model has changedWestern Power’s role in enabling the evolution of the grid

Andy Kondola, Head of Network Planning & Standards, Western Power

2:20      Energy networks innovation through collaboration with technology providers and the community

Digitisation and the new digital energy environment is a catalyst for creative partnering and new collaborative business opportunities;

  • Customer, community and regulatory engagement around new energy offerings and their value is an essential ingredient for future sustainability in energy supply;
  • Realising the full range of potential benefits of technologies like energy storage depends on energy ecosystem alignment, collaboration and customer participation;
  • The “last mile and edge” of the electricity distribution networks, with appropriately applied intelligence, becomes a strong distributed energy integration platform, with benefits that can be effectively aggregated to enhance societal returns on investments in distributed energy resources.

Alistair Parker, Executive General Manager - Regulated Energy Services, AusNet Services

2:40      The role of the grid in the new energy ecosystem

Greg Garvin, Executive General Manager / People, Strategy & Stakeholders, TransGrid

3:00      Networks V Batteries – How peer-to-peer energy trading can maintain the relevance of distribution networks.

  • Peer-to-peer energy represents the future for electricity distribution networks, demonstrating the value of staying connected by offering consumers the chance to significantly monetise their excess PV generation.
  • Power Ledger’s blockchain-based SynapZ product presents a world-first opportunity for consumers to share the benefits of distributed solar PV generation regardless of whether they have the capacity to invest in roof-top PV for themselves or are unable to invest due to economic or social disadvantage.

David Martin, Managing Director, Power Ledger Pty Ltd

3:20      Questions

3:30      Afternoon tea & networking break

4:00      Intelligent monitoring: The critical factor that will drive residential energy storage uptake

Stefan Jarnason, CEO and Founder, Solar Analytics


Barriers to entry – What’s holding up the energy transition in Australia?

  • It could happen any day – why isn’t it?
  • Speed of transition
  • Challenges

Simon Hackett, Executive Chairman, Redflow Limited
Ian McLeod, Industry Consultant & Chairman, Queensland Futures Institute, Energy Committee
Lara Olsen, Regional Manager, Business Development & Policy, Tesla Energy Products and Programs

5:00      Closing remarks from the chair

5:10      Networking drinks

Wednesday 31 August 2016

Day One | Day Two

8.30      Registration and morning coffee

9:00      Welcome to day two & opening remarks from the Chair

9:10      Black, Brown, Red & Green – Transition to a low emissions energy environment

  • Coal Generation and the Barriers to Exit
  • Who pays the bill & why
  • Why market dynamics will deliver a soft landing
  • Life in a low emissions future

Jeff Dimery, CEO, Alinta Energy

9:30      Snowy Hydro industry perspective

John McGagh, Chief Information Officer, Snowy Hydro

9:50      Disruption in the Australian energy industry – a wilderness of mirrors?

  • Reviewing a period of change in the energy industry
  • What does disruption really mean anyway?
  • Are we focussed on the right thing?

Ed McManus, Chief Executive Officer, Powershop Australia

10:10      Death of the traditional energy retailer, birth of the distributed gentailer

  • Why the traditional energy retail model is under threat
  • How the current gentailer is trapped by its investment in generation
  • The future of energy model
  • Barriers and challenges to deliver the future of energy model

James Myatt, CEO & Co-Founder, Mojo Power

10:30      The new electricity value chain in practice

  • Market observations from an Electricity Retailer with its origins in Solar PV.
  • The new Electricity Retailing model in practice
  • Example retailer / client models
  • Challenges competing with incumbent Retailers

Shane Cremin, CEO, Infinite Energy

10:50      Questions

11.00      Morning tea & networking break

11:30      Ministerial Addresss

Simon Corbell, ACT Deputy Chief Minister; Minister for the Environment and Climate Change

11:50      It doesn’t have to be a battle between utilities & solar power providers

  • Large Scale vs, Rooftop
  • Centralized vs. Decentralized Control
  • On-Grid vs. Off-Grid

Ken Munson, CEO, Sunverge

12:10      Trouble in Australia’s electricity markets: Can prosumer energy systems come to the rescue?

  • An overview of recent wholesale market events
  • An analysis of how prosumer owned distributed energy systems may be able to assist in future

Luke Osborne, Director and COO, Reposit

12:30      Bringing energy to life from homeowner to utility

Keera Single, Strategic Account Manager, Enphase Energy

12:50      Questions

1:00      Lunch & networking break


Battery storage quality controls

  • Lack of standards & shoddy installation. What could happen?

Simon Hackett, Executive Chairman, Redflow Limited
Mike Swanston, Principal Consultant, The Customer Advocate

2:35      The forces disrupting the Australian energy sector

  • Overview of some of the key forces disrupting the Australian energy market, and how businesses are responding:
  • PV & storage
  • High penetration of renewables
  • Electric vehicles

Ali Asghar, Senior Associate, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

2:55      Centralised vs Distributed

  • Economics of different business models
  • Company tactics and competitive responses

Rob Koh, Analyst, Morgan Stanley

3:15      Impact Investing in renewable energy

  • Impact Investing
  • Opportunities and barriers in the renewable energy industry
  • Infrastructure fund performance

Amanda Goodman, Portfolio Manager, Impact Investment Group

3:35      Questions

3:45      Afternoon tea & networking break

4:05      Domestic behind-meter microgrids in the city

  • Selected content of the ARENA Here Comes The Sun feasibility measure will be discussed by one of the report authors including regulatory, logistic and costs.

Craig Burton, Project Manager, ARENA Here Comes The Sun feasibility measure,


Value and costs - extracting value chain. For consumers, generator and networks

  • Shoul networks be allowed behind the meter?

Mike Swanston, Principal Consultant, The Customer Advocate
Hugh Grant, Executive Director, ResponseAbility

5:00      Closing remarks from the Chair

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