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What past attendees said

Very informative
- Dr Paul Hemming, Federation University Australia

I enjoyed the wide range of relevant governance topics
- Michael Kern, James Cook University

There is always something new to learn and provocative views to take away
- Max Tan, Deloitte

Very interesting topics and speakers
- Ron Newman, Virtu Design Institute

Speakers were good, relevant and interesting
- Hilary Winchester, Hilary Winchester Pty Ltd

Quality presentations
- Jennifer Nicol, Curtin University

Good diversity of speakers and opinions...overall a well run and interesting conference
- Gay Kennedy, Australian National University

Very broad, good, knowledgeable speakers
- Steve Kaintatsis, MIBT

Prompted thinking around key issues
- Deborah West, Charles Darwin University

It gave me an insight into the many complexities of university governance allowing me to choose which area to seek further information
- Samantha Thompson, Charles Darwin University

High level of presentations and participants
- Greg Pritchard, University of Technology Sydney


Venue, Accommodation & Travel

Swissotel, Sydney
68 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9238 8888

For your convenience, Lido Group will organise your accommodation and travel, please follow the link below or call 02 8585 0808.

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