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What past attendees said

Very informative
- Dr Paul Hemming, Federation University Australia

I enjoyed the wide range of relevant governance topics
- Michael Kern, James Cook University

There is always something new to learn and provocative views to take away
- Max Tan, Deloitte

Very interesting topics and speakers
- Ron Newman, Virtu Design Institute

Speakers were good, relevant and interesting
- Hilary Winchester, Hilary Winchester Pty Ltd

Quality presentations
- Jennifer Nicol, Curtin University

Good diversity of speakers and opinions...overall a well run and interesting conference
- Gay Kennedy, Australian National University

Very broad, good, knowledgeable speakers
- Steve Kaintatsis, MIBT

Prompted thinking around key issues
- Deborah West, Charles Darwin University

It gave me an insight into the many complexities of university governance allowing me to choose which area to seek further information
- Samantha Thompson, Charles Darwin University

High level of presentations and participants
- Greg Pritchard, University of Technology Sydney



Monday 5 September 2016

Day One | Day Two

09:00 Opening remarks from the Chair


09:10 To Delegate or not to Delegate: That is the question

  • To what extent University governing bodies choose to delegate their key governance responsibilities to a committee of the University Governing Body or an appropriately qualified member of the staff
  • Achieving the right balance

Michael Kern, University Secretary, Office of the Chief of Staff, James Cook University

09:50 How can the Chancellor protect Council and its communications in today’s University environment?

  • The impact of today’s regulatory and business environment
  • What investigations and litigation might arise?
  • Protection and utilisation of University communication and how these could become critical for Council?
  • What acts or omissions can put them in jeopardy?

Dr Steven Stern, Adjunct Professor, Victoria University

10:30 Networking and refreshment break

10:50 Workforce participation: How staff voices are heard

  • Elected by staff to governance bodies
  • Participation in management and committees as part of duties
  • Consultation processes - committees, surveys and open meetings

Jeannie Rea, President, NTEU


11:30 Enriching student experience

  • Developing a student focussed outlook
  • Improving teaching standards
  • Wellbeing

Jenny Roberts, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Student Experience & Governance, Central Queensland University

12:10 Lunch and networking break


13:10 Introducing commerciality into academia

  • Integrating commercial methodology into an academic setting
  • Deploying business development resources into faculties
  • The evolution of an entrepreneurial culture

Doron Ben-Meir, Vice-Principal Enterprise, Chancellery, University of Melbourne

13:50 The role of Academic Board in monitoring and managing academic risk

  • Academic governance and quality assurance in a changing HE environment
  • Identifying areas of emerging risk as well as opportunities for academic advancement (including international collaborations and partnerships, emerging technologies and modes of delivery, credentialing / micro-credentialing)
  • Academic Board and institutional approaches to mitigating academic risk and assuring quality standards (including exemplars and evidence of practice)
  • Applying TEQSA's risk-based approach to quality assurance and compliance with the HE Standards

Professor Geoffrey Crisp, PVC (Education), UNSW

14:30 The rise of contract cheating: More than an assessment issue

  • Numerous cheating scandals have plagued Australian higher education in recent times, and it has become apparent that there is a potentially large and unaddressed problem with students using online essay mills, cheat sites, file sharing sites and ghost writers.
  • Despite the best efforts of educators assessments are still being outsourced.
  • This presentation challenges the notion that ‘authentic’ assessment is a panacea to current concerns about contract cheating. Instead, assessment design will be presented as one critical component of a many-faceted and holistic approach with requires commitment from all education stakeholders to foster a culture of academic integrity.

Dr Tracey Bretag, Director, Academic Integrity, University South Australia

15:10 Networking and refreshment break


15:30 Financing policy issues

  • What changes have been proposed to higher education financing?
  • How might a flagship financing model work?
  • What impact might higher student fees and less favourable HELP policy have on student participation?
  • How will governance and regulation frameworks need to adjust to financing changes

Matt Brett, Senior Manager Higher Education Policy, La Trobe University

16:10 PANEL DISCUSSION | Innovative funding

  • Including a focus on LGFV’s and access to debt capital markets

Jason Lowe, Partner, Capital and Debt Advisory, Ernst & Young (moderator)
Debra Roane, Vice President, Senior Credit Office, Moodys
Justin Mineeff, Executive Director Debt Markets Securitisation, CBA
James Waddell, Director Corporate Services & ESG, NAB

17:00 Governance of Controlled Entities

  • Exploiting new funding avenues
  • Operating within different regulations
  • Risk management

Peter Marshall, COO, Monash University

17:40 Closing Remarks from the Chair

17:50 Networking drinks

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Day One | Day Two

09:00 Opening remarks from the Chair


09:10 KEYNOTE: Implementation of Higher Educations Standards Framework

  • Ensuring universities are prepared for these new frameworks
  • Identifying key changes that need to be made
  • How will both universities and students benefits from these new standards

Dr Michael Tomlinson, Senior Director, Provider Assessment and Engagement, TEQSA

09:50 PANEL: Challenges faced by the implementation of the Higher Educations Standards Framework

  • What strategies need developing
  • Ensuring new regulations are met
  • Highlighting key challenges and ways to overcome them

Michael Tomlinson, Director, Regulatory & Review, TEQSA
Jenny Roberts, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Student Experience and Governance, Central Queensland University
Omer Yezdani, Director, Strategy and Planning, Australian Catholic University

10:50 Networking and refreshment break


11:10 The Nexus of Quality, Risk and Compliance

  • Ensuring all sectors of an institution are compliant
  • Different challenges faced
  • Bringing together different entities under a single umbrella of compliance

Omer Yezdani, Director, Strategy and Planning, Australia Catholic University


11:50 Projects in place to encourage people from low socio-economic and minority backgrounds to participate in higher education

  • Looking at strategies in place to encourage participation
  • New proposals for greater participation
  • Supporting students from low SES

Mary Teague, Head, Widening Participation, University of Sydney
Josephine Wilson, Manager, Engagements and Partnerships

12:30 Lunch and networking break

13:30 Best practice for developing a skilled and knowledgeable workforce for a post-industrial economy

  • Developing knowledge as a commodity
  • The changing landscape of Australian Universities
  • The need to offer appropriate and attractive courses that prepare students for the professional world

Prof Barney Glover, Vice-Chancellor and President, Western Sydney University & Chair of Universities Australia


14:10 Importance of research: Improving reputation and quality

  • Link between high quality research and reputation
  • The need for innovation
  • Methods for improvement

Geraldine Mackenzie, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Southern Cross University

14:50 Enhancing quality and standards in research

  • Identifying and developing significant research opportunities
  • Providing highly skilled support and advice to the research community
  • Having a strong focus on performance and opportunity

Prof Andrea Bishop, Director, Office for Research, Griffith University

15:30 Closing remarks from the Chair, Followed by Network and refreshment break

16:00 End of Conference

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