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Tuesday 29 November 2016

Day One | Day Two

9:00 Opening remarks from the Chair


9:10 Evaluating the current state of the Australian purpose built student accommodation market

  • Developing strategies to ensure demand is met
  • Creating a streamlined approach to meeting demand
  • Outlining areas in need of strong attention

Paul Savitz, Director – Research & Consulting, Knight Frank

9:50 Reviewing current projects whilst projecting a vision for the future

  • Evaluating areas of success that can be replicated
  • Realising the need to be innovative in development
  • Expanding investment

Peter Bates, CEO, UniLodge

10:30 Morning Tea


11:00 Managing student accommodation as an asset class

  • Developing a strong fiscal benefit from student accommodation partnerships
  • Establishing a business model for success
  • Creating partnerships that benefit the university

Damien Israel, CFO, University of Wollongong

11:40 Developing student accommodation that advances university marketability?

  • Using student accommodation to enhance a brand
  • Understanding what students want
  • Creating a competitive advantage

12:20 Lunch


13:20 Risks that universities should consider when structuring a PBSA transaction

  • Trends and current conditions in debt and equity markets
  • Overview of recent PBSA transactions, namely the ANU (which we advised on) PBSA transactions
  • Why PBSA assets appeal to investors and which type of investors PBSA assets appeal to
  • Key issues that Universities need to consider when structuring a PBSA transaction
  • Key issues for debt and equity when investing in PBSA assets
  • Illustrative work streams and timeline to execute a PBSA transaction

James Hawkins, Executive Director, Flagstaff Partners

14:00 Monitoring, managing and reducing risk during the planning and development phase of purpose built student accommodation

  • Developing a transparent performance management framework
  • Maintaining effective stakeholder relations
  • The use of data and analytics when forming partnerships

Peter Marshall, COO, Monash University

14:40 Afternoon Tea


15:40 Innovation in the design of contemporary student accommodation

  • Understanding and creating student centric accommodation
  • Allowing flexibility for changes in living habits
  • Incorporating student accommodation into campus developments

Luke Johnson, Principal, Architectus

16:20 Investigation the benefits of on-campus purpose built student accommodation on recruitment, retention and academic performance

Research in the US and elsewhere shows that students living on-campus have better academic progress and are less likely to drop-out. Most universities in Australia started out with quite a high proportion of students living on campus, as universities grew rapidly from the mid 80’s onwards, the percentage of students living on campus fell quite sharply. With the demand driven system tending to drive up attrition rates, now is the time for universities to deploy one of the most effective weapons against attrition; on-campus accommodation

Geoff Hanmer, Director, Arina Hayball

17:00 The importance of incorporating student accommodation into campus planning and beyond…

  • Delivering what students want when developing purpose built accommodation
  • Using PBSA to developing campus communities
  • Enhancing the student experience

Rowan Maclean, Director Campus Management, University of Western Australia

17:00 Closing remarks from the Chair

17:10 Networking Drinks

Wednesday 30 November 2016

Day One | Day Two

9:00 Opening remarks from the Chair


9:10 Developing prefabricated structural building systems to fast-track the construction of new high-rise student accommodation projects

  • Realising the benefits of prefabricated structures
  • Creating innovative solutions to meet demand
  • Changing methods of thinking

George Argyrou, Managing Director, Hickory Group


9:50 An update on current projects and a vision for the future

  • Where is demand likely to be greatest and what is in the pipeline?
  • What are the current success stories?
  • Understanding the market when planning future projects

Fabby Ernesta, COO, The Pad

10:30 Morning Tea


11:00 The benefits of collaboration and partnerships when building student accommodation from a university perspective

  • How do partnerships benefit universities
  • Key players in developing and choosing the correct partners
  • Managing risk and maximising income

11:40 Establishing and managing partnerships with universities

  • Developing student accommodation that is fiscally beneficial
  • The benefits for both universities and private providers to work in unison
  • Taking a streamlined focus to ensure rewards for all parties

Shannon O’Connor, Director of Operations, Campus Living Villages

12:20 Lunch


13:30 Lessons from the broader accommodation market

  • Comparing PBSA with ‘other’ accommodation: Prisons, Social Housing, Defence Housing
  • What can we learn about the student accommodation market by analysing comparable markets?
  • Maintaining effective stake holder relations
  • The risks of private provisions and emerging opportunities

David Donnelly, Partner, Allens

14:00 Emerging opportunities for investment in purpose built student accommodation

  • Managing the risks of investing in the sector
  • Developing strategies to maximise reward
  • How is the market likely to react from the influx of investment
  • Maintaining effective relations with key stakeholders

Sammy Isreb, Division Director, Macquarie Capital


14:40 Allowing the creative use of technology

  • Monitoring the use of social media
  • Using technology to ensure the safety of students
  • Allowing student accommodation to accommodate further advancements in technology

15:20 Closing remarks from the Chair

15:30 End of conference & Afternoon Tea

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