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Half Day Pre-Conference Workshop

WEDNESDAY 1ST JUNE 2016 | 12:30pm- 5:00pm

12:30 Dealing with Difficult People – How to Defuse Toxic Situations

Words matter!

What we say and how we say it can be the difference between a fight and voluntary compliance.  The words we choose, our tone, pitch, and volume, along with our non-verbal cues, can further our customer service goals and, in the case of a toxic situation, defuse it in a safe and positive manner.  How we speak and interact with others can also reduce complaints and enhance our reputation as caring professionals.  The long-term benefit of this reputation is closer cooperation with and support from the communities we serve.  Also, the benefits of this training are not limited to public safety professionals; the principles can also be used for more effective communications between spouses, parents and children, colleagues, etc.

Topics covered include:

  • Everyone is under the influence, always!
  • Ten phrases you should never use
  • Why others do not hear what we say
  • How to establish a link and build rapport between you and an angry citizen
  • The biggest obstacles to effective communications
  • How to end an angry citizen’s rant
  • Techniques that will help your officers gain compliance while protecting them and your agency from complaints
  • What to do when words fail

Lt. John Weinstein, College Command Staff, Northern Virginia Community College

17:00 End of Workshop

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