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Tuesday 22nd November 2016 | 17:00 - 18.30

Take the opportunity to meet and greet your fellow conference attendees over a drink at this year's pre-conference drinks reception in the conference exhibition hall. Complimentary attendance for all GTUF Members and conference attendees.

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Day One | Day Two

08:30 Registration and Morning Coffee

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Dr. Maxine Watson, Partner, MorrisWatson

09:10 Speed networking

Get to know your peers right from the start with this informal speed networking session. Don't forget your business cards!

9:20 OUTLOOK | A review of Australia's evolving energy market

  • A review of recent market conditions
  • What are the key trends impacting the market?
  • What are the implications for changing operating conditions?
  • What are the major challenges faced by this market and how can they be mitigated?

Speaker TBA

10:00 CASE STUDY | Commissioning, start-up and initial operation of Santos Siemens SGT400 fleet

  • Commissioning 16 x SGT400 generator and mechanical drive packages
  • Start-up and initial operational troubleshooting
  • Root cause investigations
  • Operator/OEM global collaboration

Richard Nolan, Reliability Engineer, Santos

10.40 Refreshment break

INTERNATIONAL GUEST SPEAKER | Best practices to improve reliability and performance of dry gas seals for centrifugal compressors

  • Design considerations
  • Major factors affecting Dry Gas seals life and efficient operation
  • DGS Control and health monitoring
  • Improve DGS operating performance
  • Avoid unplanned shutdowns
  • Reduce energy consumption and costs
  • Extend equipment lifespan

Girish Kamal, Principal Rotating Equipment Engineer, Centre of Excellence Division, Petronas (KL)

11.50 Compressor corrosion: Causes, consequences and control

Compressor performance and integrity is fundamental to gas turbine operations. Compressor performance directly relates to the output of the machine, but management of the compressor integrity often takes a back seat to the hot section and its exotic (and expensive) alloys and damage mechanisms.

Often overshadowed by hot section damage, and attentiveness to compressor performance, the actual integrity of compressor components can be easily compromised by corrosion damage mechanisms that occur during normal operations of a gas turbine.

This presentation reviews the causes of corrosion in gas turbine compressors, methods to assess the condition of compressors, with case studies to illustrate the circumstances in which compressor corrosion has been a concern.

Dr. Matt Smillie, Consultant Engineer, Quest Integrity Group

12.30 Lunch

1.30 GE Frame rotor overhauls and condition assessment case studies

  • Rotor overhaul & condition assessment
  • Critical internal components only accessible during full rotor destack
  • Issues found & rectified following rotor destack
  • Metallurgical inspection / NDT during destack
  • Rotor overhaul facility - capabilities / equipment required
  • Summary & conclusions

Nathan Griffiths, Sales Manager, MJB International

2.10 Remote inspections of turbogenerators

  • Generator maintenance overview
  • Online condition assessment
  • Rotor in-situ robotic inspections
  • Rotor in-situ retaining ring inspection

Lloyd Price, Senior Generator Engineer, GE Power Services

2.50 Refreshment break

3.20 Endring inspection 18:18 arcing damage

  • Brief history on end ring inspection
  • Metallurgical overview of 18:18 rings
  • Challenges for scanning 18:18 end rings
  • Results and conclusions

Zach McCann, Regional Manager, Sonomatic Ltd

4.00 CASE STUDY | Repair of Siemens V94.2 Tula and Tule Stage 4 after 152,000 EOH

Thanaraj Sanmugham, TNB (Malaysia)

4.40 Q&A and open discussion

4.50 CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair

5.00 Networking drinks in the exhibition space

7.00 Official Conference Dinner

Join your peers at the end of the first conference for the official conference dinner. The ideal opportunity to network and discuss the day's proceedings in a relaxed and informal setting.

Thursday 24th November 2016

Day One | Day Two

08:30 Morning coffee

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Dr. Maxine Watson, Partner, MorrisWatson

09:10 CASE STUDY | Modal balancing and over speed testing of large two pole generators, following rewinds

The paper looks at the risks and reasoning behind sending a 42 tonne generator half way around the world to be rewound and balanced in an over speed facility.

Large two pole generator rotor windings deteriorate with age which is accelerated when they are thermally cycled by two shift operation. One of two things will ultimately happen; they will need rewinding at a convenient time or they will fail in service. In either case the windings will need to be removed, re-insulated and replaced. This operation will significantly alter the rotor's balance state. As most rotors will be operating above their 1st critical speed and many larger ones above the second critical speed, the balancing cannot be undertaken in either a low speed balancing machine nor in the machine. This paper looks at the options and risks of high speed balancing giving two case histories of 42 tonne hydrogen cooled rotors being balanced at two different facilities, one in Australia and one in the UK.

Simon Hurricks, predictive Maintenance Engineer, Genesis Energy

09:50 CASE STUDY | Life extension of generator stator winding

  • A stator winding with historical partial discharge problems
  • Corona protection repairs
  • Stator rewedging
  • An innovative lead inversion
  • Providing Life extension

Tony O'Brien, Managing Director, Australian Winders

10.30 Refreshment break

CASE STUDY | Outage deferral of RT 62 Power Turbines through life assessment

Life assessment of two RT62 power turbines was performed to assess the viability of deferring the major overhaul at 100,000 hours. This presentation describes the process of developing thermal mechanical models from operational data of the power turbines and then using them to understand the life consumed due to past operation, thus enabling the assessment of risk associated with delaying the overhaul for commercial benefit.

Dr. Sean Norburn, Principal Consultant - Structural Integrity, Quest Integrity Group

INTERNATIONAL GUEST SPEAKER | Effective oil analysis to boost gas turbine reliability

  • Turbine oil composition
  • Principles of turbine oil monitoring
  • Performance characteristics of turbine oils
  • In-service monitoring of turbine oils
  • Design management and implementation of oil analysis program
  • Ready reference for oil sampling and testing schedule
  • Tips for developing a sound turbine oil condition monitoring program
  • Interpretation of oil analysis data and actions needed

Girish Kamal, Principal Rotating Equipment Engineer, Centre of Excellence Division, Petronas (KL)

12.20 Lunch

1.20 What is Droop control, how does the Gas Turbine react and what should the operator expect?

  • With Gas Turbines in mind, the presentation will introduce typical nomenclature and definitions with graphs and examples, e.g. Speed and Temperature Control, Base Load, Minimum Value Gate, Preselected Load, Speed Reference, Droop, Isochronous, etc.
  • The following cases are explained, analyzed and resolved graphically and numerically:
    - Droop Control: The Gas Turbine load change caused by a change in grid frequency.
    - Droop control vs. Preselected Load: what the grid needs vs. Gas Turbine load reaction
  • Brief introduction to the Isochronous mode model.

Abel Rochwarger, Chief Engineer, Gas Turbine Controls Corporation - NY, USA

2.00 Common issues identified during LM2500 and LM6000 gas turbine servicing

  • What are common issues that we encounter?
  • What are successful solutions and which are things to avoid?

Luc Jansen, Managing Director, VBR Partner

2.40 Q&A and open discussion

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair

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