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Thursday 2 June 2016

Day One | Day Two

08:30 Registration and Morning Coffee

09:00 OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Priscilla Stevens-Guiney, Senior Executive Officer, International and Services Division, CQUniversity Australia

09:10 Safety and Security on Campus - A Student Perspective

Robby Magyar, National Welfare Officer, National Union of Students

09:50 The Respect. Now. Always. Campaign

Professor Ian Jacobs, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of New South Wales

10:30 Morning Tea

11:00 The Challenge of Campus Security and Safety Across a National Footprint

CQUniversity has established a new benchmark for the tertiary education sector through the implementation of an Emergency Notification Alert System (ENAS), providing a unique opportunity to inform staff, students, contractors and visitors on any CQUniversity location of an emergency event.

Priscilla Stevens-Guiney, Senior Executive Officer, International and Services Division, CQUniversity Australia
Peter Vanheck, Data Centre Manager, CQUniversity Australia

11:40 UOW’s Student Wellbeing and Resilience Strategy and its Impact on Student Safety and Mental Wellbeing

Fran Walder, Senior Manager for the Student Life Programs, University of Wollongong

12:20 Lunch

13:20 Safety and Security in Student Accommodation from an International Student Perspective

Nina Khairina, National President, Council of International Students Australia


14.00 LGBTI+ Inclusion: Campus Policies Designed to Ensure the Safety and Wellbeing of LGBTI+ Students

According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, 80% of homophobic bullying involving LGBTI+ youth occurs in school and has a profound impact on their education and wellbeing. This session examines what strategies tertiary education facilities are putting in place to support the wellbeing of students who identify as part of the LGBTI+ community

Chris Pycroft, Co-Convenor, NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby

14:40 Afternoon Tea

15:10 Evidence Based Policing on Campus

The contemporary era of risk calls for new responses to the complexities of managing security on campus. This paper presents the findings of a case-study based on a Victoria Police-Monash University initiative to conduct a pilot program of on campus policing.

The case-study is designed to present evidence based policing with a view to expanding the program. Evidence based policing is ‘what works’ research on innovations that could be replicated on scale. The importance of this case-study is that it explores what has worked and what has not so as to inform future applications of on campus policing

Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett, Senior Lecturer and Researcher, Monash University

15:50 INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE ADDRESS | Assessing Campus Security Operations

There are three principal ways of evaluating security: checklists, asset-based approaches, and mission-based approaches. Extensive checklists are just that; they fail to indicate relations between the myriad items and, as a result, make it difficult to prioritize planning, repair, and acquisition efforts. Asset based approaches, such as the CARVER method are good, inasmuch as they address relationships between assets, but tend to focus more on priority assets than the system as a whole. A mission-based approach allows one to set priority goals and then evaluate the resources and capabilities needed to achieve them. This presentation will demonstrate a novel methodology for conducting such an analysis, the results of which can be presented in an accessible manner that will enhance efforts to secure funding

Lt. John Weinstein, College Command Staff, Northern Virginia Community College

16:30 CLOSING | Closing Remarks from the Chair

16:40 Networking Drinks

Friday 3 June 2016

Day One | Day Two

08:30 Registration and Morning Coffee

09:00 OPENING | Opening Remarks from the Chair

Priscilla Stevens-Guiney, Senior Executive Officer, International and Services Division, CQUniversity Australia

09:10 CASE STUDY | The Threats of Active Shooters on the UNSW Campus in 2015 and Lessons Learnt

Detective Superintendent Gavin Dengate, Commander Eastern Beaches LAC, Corporate Sponsor for the Safety and Wellbeing of International Students, New South Wales Police Force

9:50 Prevention is the aim in Active Shooter training

This presentation will discuss behaviours of concern, including what are the myths verses what are the realities. Recognising the different behavioural indicators and how to interpret them is one of the first steps in getting professional help for staff or students that may be experiencing mental health problems.

At Macquarie University the Health & Safety Unit has teamed up with Campus Wellbeing Counsellors to develop a training program that we are delivering to all staff across campus. This training program discusses the options to consider in an active shooter situation but the key message is about prevention.

Rick Minter, Health & Safety/ Emergency Planning Coordinator, Macquarie University

10:30 Morning Tea


The floor will be opened up to all attendees to discuss the challenges and concerns they face, and share their expertise with their fellow delegates.

11:40 The Cyber Security Threats Currently Facing Australian Tertiary Education Facilities

Dr Clinton Carpene, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Edith Cowan University

12.20 Lunch

13:20 Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management on Campus

Inspector Brian Curley, Counter Terrorism Coordination, Victoria Police

14.00 PANEL | Security Panel

This panel will consist of representatives from Universities, Colleges, TAFEs and Schools who will discuss key issues such as:

  • Employing & retaining good security staff
  • Maintaining a reasonable & efficient security service
  • Funding concerns
  • Innovative ways of communicating with students
  • Identification & intervention of at risk students


David Anderson, Manager Security, University of Wollongong

Russell Gammie, University Security Manager & Crisis Team Coordinator, Monash University

14:50 CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair

15:00 Afternoon Tea and End of Conference

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