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P18GC03 From Sales Professional to Manager & Leader
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From Sales Professional to Manager & Leader

2-Day Training Course: What Leadership Skills will Actually Make a Difference for Sales Professionals? This program has been specifically designed for successful sales professionals ready to make the transition into more leadership focused roles. More than simple management recipes this course will get to the heart of what is required to lead and influence high performing teams.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Interpret the key challenges for sales and leadership professionals moving into management roles
  • Learn how to adapt your sales skills to lead and influence high performing teams
  • Acquire convincing motivation and communication to inspire engagement and commitment
    – Understand why questioning skills are a manager’s number one tool
    – Identifying the various sources of power at your disposal and how you can strengthen them
    – Identify what motivation strategies work best with different people
    – Learn how to assert your new role with former peers
  • Gain an insight into emotional intelligence, human behaviour and team dynamics
    – Acquire a practical framework to help you understand and influence the behaviour patterns of different types of people
    – How to avoid the common mistakes managers make with extrinsic motivators
    – Apply behavioural techniques to help breakdown interpersonal barriers and resolve conflict
  • Develop a leadership style that gains buy-in and respect
    – Effectively use your personal power, rather than relying on authority, or positional power
    – Understand the relationship between good leadership and good “followship”
    – Confidently provide feedback that improves performance while growing trust and respect
  • Guaranteed techniques to engender responsibility and accountability – and why most managers cultivate the opposite

About the Course

The critical element that differentiates the successful manager is the application of effective interpersonal skills. All too often, people have taken on management responsibilities on the strength of their sales or specialist skills. However, a management role depends on achieving results through others which requires a significantly different skill set.

How can you ensure you have the right mix of emotional intelligence and leadership skills to: meet corporate objectives, keep your team motivated, inspired AND performing?

Designed specifically for sales people with new management responsibility, this course will help you build emotional intelligence and your skills in leading, managing, empowering, influencing and driving the performance of others to meet organisational and personal objectives.

You will spend time revising behaviours, beliefs, values and attitudes, and then use this awareness to help develop the skills to enable you to manage, lead and motivate others to meet and exceed objectives.

You will take away a portfolio of realistic, relevant and immediately usable models, techniques and approaches that will dramatically improve your performance as a manager, help sustain productive working relationships with colleagues and build a committed and highly performing team.

Our instructor boasts vast experience in both management, leadership and behavioural psychology to provide you with meaningful insights, skills, tools and tactics. Don’t miss out.


Andrew Lee

Thought Disruptor and Curiosity Consultant


The information was presented in a style and quantity that made it easy to digest. I learnt to be more selfaware and to evaluate my behaviour and the behaviour of team members to facilitate better communication.”
Business Development Manager, Optus

I learnt that the best answers come from asking the right questions and I should be providing and receiving feedback and encouraging curiosity.”
Manager Unit Pricing, JP Morgan

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Influencing with Questions

Getting people to buy-in to change, change old habits or reflect on deeply held assumptions is a core leadership capability. You’ve probably noticed that simply telling people what to do or showing lots of relevant data on Powerpoint slides rarely sways people – at best getting reluctant compliance.

In this webinar, Andrew Lee will show you some practical tools that will have an immediate effect.

Course Outline


2-Day Intensive Course Outline

Becoming an effective manager

  • Understanding management paradigms and the dilemmas of modern management
  • What are the key challenges for sales professionals moving into management roles?
  • Developing your leadership “brand”
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of different management styles
  • Recognising the challenges for sales professionals in moving into leadership roles

Acquiring a practical framework to help you understand and influence the behaviour patterns of different types of people

  • During this session you will acquire a simple yet powerful psychological model which can be used to understand why people behave as they do.  There will be an opportunity for discussion on how you can apply this to your specific circumstances

Identifying the real key to motivation: proven techniques for motivating your team

  • Understanding and applying emotional intelligence to improve performance and commitment
  • Neutralising negative behaviours and changing attitudes
  • How to avoid the common management mistakes
  • Identifying what motivation strategies work best with different people

Case Studies
Managing different personality types to improve your effectiveness as a manager

Workable strategies for resolving conflict

  • Develop strategies for addressing interpersonal management issues you face in your workplace
  • Adopting a joint problem solving approach to reviewing achievements and areas for improvement
  • Promoting positive interaction between you, as a manager, and your staff
  • Using behavioural techniques to help breakdown interpersonal barriers

Case Studies
Effectively handling conflict situations

Identifying your customers and their needs

  • Defining your role and priorities in terms of your customers
  • Customer focus and purpose
  • Understanding the 6 elements of customer satisfaction

Developing your personal leadership style

  • Effectively using your PERSONAL power, rather than relying on authority or positional power
  • Understanding the relationship between good leadership and good ‘fellowship’
  • Developing ‘fellowship’ skills in your staff
  • Motivating and inspiring your team
  • Putting purpose back into work
  • Vision and mission statements – what works and what doesn’t

Using your power and influence to inspire confidence and achieve your objectives

  • How persuasive are you?
  • Identifying the various sources of power at your disposal and how you can strengthen them
  • Building successful interpersonal relationships with your staff, colleagues and superiors

Applying effective communication and questioning skills

  • The art of explaining – the path to engagement and commitment
  • Understanding learning preferences
  • Adapting your communication style to ensure your message is received
  • Why questioning skills are a manager’s number one tool

Developing your people through effective delegation and performance management

  • Guaranteed techniques to engender responsibility and accountability – and why most managers actually cultivate the opposite
  • Giving instructions and clarifying meaning
  • Selecting appropriate methods of improving performance

A step by step guide to avoiding the delegation traps: Building a high performance team

  • Task assignment and delegation – what should you delegate to whom and why?
  • Developing your own confidence and assertiveness
  • Promoting positive behaviors within your team
  • Encouraging self-reliance

Preparing an action plan for your team

  • One of the most popular, premium quality new leader programs in Australia

On-site & in-house training

Deliver this course how you want, where you want, when you want – and save up to 40%! 8+ employees seeking training on the same topic?

Talk to us about an on-site/in-house & customised solution.


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