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Live Online Training:
Organisational Development: Creating an Agile Organisation for Change

LIVE ONLINE TRAINING | Over 3 days | 13:00 – 16:00 (AEST)
22 – 24 September 2021

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Key Learning Outcomes & Case Studies Include

  • Creation of lean thinking and practice throughout the organization
  • Release of innovation and creativity within teams and individuals
  • Continuous pursuit of change and improvement opportunities in productive and cost-effective ways becomes a routine part of organizational life
  • Increased pace of change within the organization
  • Improved quality of outputs at all levels
  • Better management of complexity
  • Higher levels of enthusiasm, motivation and engagement
  • More commitment and personal accountability for results on all levels in your organization
  • A key enabler of developing into a ‘Learning Organization’
  • Honing your organization’s competitive edge

About the Course

We deal with constant change, uncertainty, and instability every day. Yet many organizations still only plan for the predictable and then are caught unprepared for what actually happens. To avoid a potentially disastrous outcome, high-performing organizations build the capability and capacity to change and adapt quickly to shifting market conditions. They create high levels of agility, which open up new opportunities for innovation and better project outcomes. Agility is the result of recognizing the need for change, and then mustering the willingness to make it happen. Change is hard. And to thrive in an uncertain business world, organizations must create a culture that promotes responsiveness and improves outcomes.

Who Will Benefit

This practical and interactive course is designed for everybody involved in planning or supporting structural changes in an organisation. This course is framed as an end to end practical overview of the process steps of designing organizations and help to develop basic to intermediate OD Practitioner skills to diagnose and find OD solutions that help deliver your strategy.


Frederik F.F. Haentjens

Live Online Training

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Course Outline


to define first organisation design and other terminologies, to differentiate between orgranisation design and organisation development, and to show the organisation’s structure, diagram and design

  • Introduction to Design vs Development
  • The Coca-Cola Story
  • Regionalized organization design
  • Regional understanding
  • Organization design definition
  • System versus design
  • Designing the right vehicle
  • Organisation design v development
  • Organization design terminology
  • Organisation design: Diagram
  • Organisation design: Structure
  • Organisation design: Design
  • Ogranisation design: WHW


to decide whether the organisation issue merits organisation design or redesign, to know the skills of an organisation design consultant, and make informed structural decisions in relation to the organisation or business issue

  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Design thinking steps
  • OD as a Process – Congruence Model
  • LCC’s Organisation Design Model
  • DT models around
  • No One Size Fits All
  • Design Mindsets
  • Who has used Design Thinking before
  • Design Thinking in a context
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • Design People-Centric


to have an empathy and discover organizations explicit and implicit needs so that you can meet them through your designs; to determine the internal and external factors impacting the organization

  • Introduction to Future Trends
  • Agenda Empathy
  • What is empathy?
  • Why gain empathy
  • Internal and external scan
  • The 3 horizons approach
  • Boxology Brainstorm Cards
  • Tools and technique that help
  • Manager and HR Practitioner Activity
  • Define Personas
  • Designing for results


to describe the features and benefits of the various system models used as diagnostic tools and translate these models into practical concepts, and to know the structure of an organisation

  • Introduction to System Models
  • Organisation design models
  • Diagnosis models
  • Inspired by Galbraith 5+1
  • What is a model?
  • Approaches
  • Boxology Persona cards
  • Data gathering
  • System models of Org Design
  • Designing your process
  • Example of tools and techniques


to use creativity and innovation in order to develop solutions, to look beyond the usual methods of solving problems in order to find better, more elegant, and satisfying solutions to problems

  • Introduction to Ideate
  • Agenda ideate
  • A classical definition of OD
  • Companies then and now
  • Consultant roles
  • OD definitions
  • Components of Org Design
  • Idea Killers


to create functional example of a product to be used for testing purposes in order to reveal new solutions to problems, or to find out whether or not the implemented solutions have been successful

  • Introduction to Prototype
  • Agenda Prototype
  • Stick Figure
  • Visual thinking
  • The visual thinking alphabet
  • 10 myths of organisation design
  • Different structures
  • Which chart is right?
  • More traditional structures
  • Some newer structures
  • Test options
  • Organisation Layers & Shape


to know the application of layers, levels & hierarchies, the impact of processes and interdependencies on performance, and analysis of RACI and application for restructuring

  • Layers & Span of Control
  • Span of Control & Capability
  • 2 options at C-level
  • What should the ideal span of control be?
  • Estimating the Span of Control
  • Factors that define the # of layers
  • Reality Testing the Design
  • Lateral Capability processes
  • Processes and Lateral Capability
  • Enhanced role clarity and ownership
  • RACI: 4 types of functional roles
  • Vertical analysis
  • Horizontal analysis


to gain a better understanding of the design, to have insights that change the way you define the problem, and to generate new ideas in Ideation stage

  • Introduction to Test
  • Agenda test
  • Who owns OD?
  • Entry and contracting
  • Talking about OD
  • OD Role tensions
  • Design Review
  • Measuring Effectiveness


to recognize and accept the dissatisfaction that exists by communicating industry trends, leadership ideas, best practice and competitive analysis to identify the necessity for change

  • Introduction to Plan for Change
  • Agenda Go Life
  • What is change?
  • Impact of a missing element
  • Change
  • What is change management?
  • Classification of Change in 3D
  • Nature of Change
  • Types of Change
  • Scope of Change
  • Key change models
  • Recommendations
  • Disrupters. Any time, anywhere
  • Change is Changing
  • What people need to know


to identify the organisation capability needed to sustain flexibility and adaptability, and to explore the impact of digital transformation on the design of your organization

  • Introduction to post-digital age
  • Check your cover story
  • Recap: LCC’s model
  • Added value
  • Waves of digital transformation
  • Disruption is an opportunity
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22 - 24 Sep 2021

Live Online Training

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