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Gamestorming and LEGO® Serious Play™

1 – Day Training Course: Learn and apply THE core game-storming skills for any type of session, process or meeting for transformative problem solving and decision-making.

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Key Learning Objectives

Apply THE core game-storming skills for any type of session, process and meeting – these techniques include:

  • Explore a range of different games that are suitable for opening and can also use as building blocks for larger activities.
  • Review and try out other games that are more suited to the exploration or closing phases.
  • Use visual language and draw basic shapes to enhance facilitation process.
  • Engage your imaginations more readily with LEGO® Serious Play™.
  • Approach your work with increased confidence, commitment and turn ideas into action plans

About the Course

Game-storming is about following a whole set of different methods and techniques to create and deliver sessions, workshops, meetings and training programs that achieve actionable outcomes.

Games allow us to create a special space where we follow a set of rules and where we enter a shared world. Games are about setting certain boundaries and developing rules for interaction. Games can use physical artefacts and can be strung together in a whole series of activities that lead towards the end goal.

LEGO® Serious Play™ is an example of physical artefact for business – a tool that lets your mind form and organizes new thoughts. The LEGO® Serious Play™ process uses bricks to visualize situations and enhance business performance. The bricks create metaphors for real business issues and will allow you to address complex issues without simplifying or losing important details.


The program is facilitated using an interactive learning approach, short training programs combining classroom & experiential learning process.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who conduct and participate in meetings and discussions, and whose input is required a problem solving and decision-making.


Alex Ow


In order to achieve OUTSTANDING results, facilitators need a toolkit of techniques that will enable them to design sessions that have strong openings and then move into exploring stages. They also need to know what ways are available to close sessions so that the ideas converge into meaningful actions or consensus.

Game-storming is literally taking the facilitation world ‘by storm’. The value of sessions that follow these key methods and principles ensure that project managers and organisational leaders avoid the types of mistakes that arise from a lack of clarity about the goals and objectives of a project and about the ramifications of a process change in a complex system.

The loss of productivity, that we know all too well, that results in high levels of frustration combined with meetings that lead nowhere and are often unnecessary – could be prevented by following techniques that are collaborative and able to produce strong results.


LEGO® Serious Play™ taps into the human ability to imagine – describing and making sense of the business at hand, to initiate change and improvement, and even to create something radically new. The LEGO® Serious Play™ methodology helps in creativity and innovation by encouraging participants to look at reality in a new and objective way.

The session is all about innovation and using your imagination. Rather than starting with a “blank page”, LEGO® Serious Play™ uses LEGO bricks and elements and a unique process where people “think through their fingers” – unleashing insight, inspiration and imagination.




“Play to get ideas”


Game storming can lead to serious business results

I used game storming in an energy company to bring people to work together and remove communication barriers. Teaming is great and with the right simulation I managed to draw engagements and participation from all levels in meetings and discussions. The biggest problem is not playing the activities but to develop and evolve the challenges raised into solutions and feed into meaningful action plans for execution. I need approaches to encourage collaborations that embed the value of inclusion and equality – that means taking a diverse and inclusive approach.

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Course Outline


Practise 10 key essential methods that form the foundation of all successful game-storming sessions

  •  Opening and closing sessions so that the meeting begins well and then has an end and concluding point
  •  ‘Fire-start’ conversations so that genuine discussion takes place between all stake-holders
  •  Selecting appropriate artefacts that will be used as pieces of the game
  •  Taking ideas and formulating them in to meaningful space
  •  Practising fundamentals of game-storming and the underlying principles that make it work so well


  •  The 7 P’s Framework – a great plan to lay down the fundamentals
  •  Affinity Map – helps to discover embedded patterns
  •  Body-storming – get people to figure things out by trying things out
  •  Card Sort – gather and structure inputs for a variety of purposes
  •  Dot Voting – prioritize and converge upon an agreed solution
  •  Empathy Map – quickly develop a customer or user profile
  •  Forced Ranking – an important step in making decisions
  •  Post-Up – generate ideas with silent sticky note writing
  •  Story Board – imagine and create possibilities
  •  Who Do – a simple way to scope out the undertaking


  •  Introduction to LEGO® Serious Play™ Methodology
  •  LEGO® Serious Play™ Skill-building session
  •  The Metaphors of LEGO® Serious Play™
  •  Challenges Working in a Team
  •  See Yourselves and Your Team Through Johari’s Window.
  •  Shared Models using LEGO® Serious Play™
  •  Aspect of an Ideal Team Life
  •  Work Together Co-operatively
  •  Internal and External Agents
  •  LEGO® Serious Play™ Landscape
  •  Relationship between Team Identity and External Agents
  •  Identify Teamwork Guiding Principles
  •  Engage Commitments from Everyone

On-site & in-house training

Deliver this course how you want, where you want, when you want – and save up to 40%! 8+ employees seeking training on the same topic?

Talk to us about an on-site/in-house & customised solution.


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Training Consultant
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