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27-11-2019 (Sydney)

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Moving up to Leadership for Women

2-Day Training Course: Skills for self management, decision making & career progression in times of change

Sydney | 27-28 November 2019

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Key Learning Objectives

  • The distinctions between ‘Managing’ and ‘Leading’
  • Learn the key characteristics of Exemplary Leaders
  • Achieve a sense of personal value and confidence in your abilities
  • Gain clarity about your natural leadership style
  • Assess candidly the influence your personality has on others
  • Lead through ‘empowerment’ not power
  • Gain respect and appreciation from those with whom you interact
  • Experience a sense of personal growth
  • Be the first to initiate
  • Expect and give acceptance to maintain esteem

About the Course

In a fast paced and changing environment, the focus is increasingly on the need for effective leadership, not just good management.

Women aspiring to leadership positions face particular challenges. They often encounter far more rigorous tests to determine their suitability for promotion and must be active in seeking selection for leadership positions.

To create your own opportunities, it is vital that you identify and acquire the characteristics and competencies of an effective leader and integrate these into your personal leadership style.

Through interactive exercises and group discussions, you will gain powerful communication, negotiation and influencing skills which will help you succeed in male oriented working environments.

You will learn how to achieve an assertive, but not aggressive, response style and create and sustain an image of authority. You will also acquire valuable techniques to help you lead, empower and motivate your staff to excel.

Who Will Benefit

This course provides an unparalleled opportunity for women to develop practical leadership skills, as well as to benefit from the breadth of knowledge and experience of their peers within a range of commercial and public organisations.

The course is relevant for new and emerging leaders to give them the tools, perspectives and insights into navigating as a manager and leader. It is also a good refresher for managers/leaders who would benefit from stepping back and reflecting on their role, and how they can further improve their performance and job satisfaction.


Packages Price
2 Day Training 2019$2395$2295+GSTEarly BirdEarly Bird
  • Special rate $1,836 (per person) when you book for four or more participants, please call us today on 02 9080 4307 or email to take advantage of this offer.


Location, dates & pricing

Sydney // 27-28 November 2019
Super Early Bird rate: $2,095 (Save $300 + GST). Use code P19GC08SY. Expires by 18 October 2019.
Early Bird rate: $2,295 (Save $100 + GST). Expires by 8 November 2019.
Standard rate: $2,395


Sandi Givens


I felt so immersed for the whole 2 days. I left wanting more, just what I need! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Head of Safety, EDG-Woolworths

Practical explanations and tools that will impact me greatly in my work and life! Sandi is creative, enthusiastic, helpful and responsive!.”
Assistant Director, Department of Health & Aging

Watch webinar

How Can Women Be More Effectively Assertive?

Sandi Givens is the expert presenter of many of Informa’s development programs designed and run especially for women, and we were delighted to have her as a guest on our webinar on “How can women be more effectively assertive?”

Course Outline


Managing and Leading – what’s the difference?

  • Shifting from ‘Technician’ to Leader
  • The move from ‘Buddy’ to ‘Boss’

Characteristics and Skills of Effective Leaders

  • Leadership Traits and Competencies – Personal and Organisational Focus

Identifying your personal ‘Glass Ceilings’

  • Demystifying the concept of glass ceilings
  • Beliefs and assumptions that might be holding you back
  • Taking control of your Self-Talk
  • Critical Language Distinctions

Why you are worth it!

  • The essential pillars of self-esteem
  • Are you your own worst critic?
  • Why and how we block our own progress
  • Critical language distinctions

Your Natural Leadership Style

  • Balancing the ‘Masculine’ and the ’Feminine’
  • Exploring Gender differences
  • Values-based Leadership

The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership

  • The research – Kouzes and Posner
  • Practice #1: Challenging the Process
  • Practice #2: Inspiring a Shared Vision
  • Practice #3: Enabling Others to Act
  • Practice #4: Modelling the Way
  • Practice #5: Encouraging the Heart
  • Activity: application of the practices to your business environment

Personality: Working with differences

  • Understanding why people do what they do
  • Knowing your own strengths and limitations
  • Discovering how you may be perceived by others
  • Building behavioural flexibility to work more effectively with difference

Finding Your Voice through Powerful and Authentic Communication

  • The litmus test of assertiveness
  • Identifying mutual ‘wins’
  • Why people don’t listen to you when you’re in conflict

Feedback – Giving & Receiving

  • How to conduct an effective feedback session with someone
  • Using Questioning Techniques to get to the heart of a matter
  • Receiving Feedback Fearlessly!

Your Action plan for the Future

  • Identifying achievable First Steps
  • Action Partnerships

when & where

27 - 28 Nov 2019


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