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Negotiation & Influence Masterclass
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Negotiation & Influence Masterclass

2-Day Training Course: Take your Negotiating Ability to the Next Level. Attend this course to vastly improve your reference & knowledge base for professional negotiation. Explore key technical & behavioural aspects of negotiation, fine-tune how you execute a variety of strategies & tactics, & better utilise persuasion psychology in the workplace.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand your current strengths and areas for improvement in the negotiation context
  • Identify the power of clear and effective strategy in negotiation
  • Determine tactics to select the most appropriate strategy for different relationships
  • Analyse and make the best of power balances in the negotiation context
  • Describe and apply key aspects of persuasion psychology to negotiation
  • Analyse a challenging case study to understand the practical application of essential negotiation theory
  • Discover your levels of personal confidence when negotiating with senior people
  • Develop techniques to gain better recognition in more complex negotiations
  • Understand how to reach negotiated agreements that continue to work in the future
  • Be confident you are taking maximum value from the negotiating table

About the Course

The bottom line in high value, complex negotiations depends on the skill of the negotiator. That skill is a major contributor to loss minimisation and gain maximisation for you and your organisation.

This course can offer you essential understanding and key methodologies to significantly increase your capability to enhance negotiations outcomes to the level where every negotiation encounter confirms you have contributed as effectively as possible to creating value.

The intensive modules on this course are based on a combination of sound academic theory, human behaviour understanding and significant practical business negotiation experience. They include negotiation theory review and development, key human behaviour understanding, case study dissection and scenario discussion to provide you with a solid framework that will ensure that you are able to

  • Increase levels of personal confidence when negotiating with senior people
  • Gain better recognition as a worthy company representative in more complex negotiations
  • Achieve enhanced outcomes in a wide range of professional, personal, and conflict resolution negotiations
  • Have a solid reference and knowledge base from which to confidently approach future negotiations

HOW this course will help your organisation

  • Share a common vocabulary with regard to negotiation, persuasion and influence
  • Adopt consistent methodologies in planning and executing negotiations
  • Behave appropriately in a variety of different relationship contexts
  • Create and foster value and meaning with stakeholders

Who Will Benefit

Course Level: Intermediate/Advanced
All professionals involved in negotiations who seek increased levels of personal confidence and a set of implementable skills to get ahead when negotiating with a range of people in a range of complex situations

A CPD Course

Use this course to help fulfil your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) educational requirements to retain your professional/chartered status.

Contact your relevant association to learn how.


A real insight into what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ in a persons mind during negotiation, very entertaining and pertinent experiences from the presenter.”
Head of Commercial Development, MacarthurCook Ltd

Learning methods of reading people’s behaviour and methods of narrowing the gap to allow resolution.”
Senior Estimator, Brandrill

Terms & Conditions

To read the training course terms and conditions read more here

Course Outline

Understanding the basics – a warp speed review of negotiation fundamentals… plus what you were never taught but should have

  • The stages of the negotiation process and the key objectives of the planning phase in particular
  • Basic preparation as compared with the preparation of champion negotiators
  • How to identify sources of power for a negotiation, determine power balance and arrive at power enhancing strategies
  • The power of expectation and the power of communication in adjusting the power balance – an experiment to put these in perspective
  • Overview of a range of negotiation tactics and counter tactics
  • The importance of establishing both ‘a negotiating range’ and a ‘BATNA’

Introductory exercise

  • Exercise in basic negotiation technique – important aspects of even simple negotiations
  • Exercise summary and critique by course director
  • Identification of the higher level negotiation skills that might have assisted in the exercise

Behavioural aspects – the psychology of influence and persuasion

  • Identification of behaviour aspects of the negotiation process
  • Effectively understanding, relating to and negotiating with people demonstrating different behaviour in response to similar problems or challenges
  • Understanding neuro-linguistic and neuro-semantic information processing styles and how these can make the difference in negotiation outcomes
  • Body language in negotiation – science or sham
  • Aspects of ‘transactional analysis’ to help you understand behaviour change in the negotiation context
  • The power of rapport – how to get it and when to use it
  • Influential language patterns for the negotiation context

First major course exercise: Strategic and technical/content aspects – case studies analysis

  • Review and dissection of 3 (minimum) separate complex negotiation case studies
  • Identification of successful and flawed strategy in the case studies
  • Identification of successful and flawed use of tactics to deliver strategy in the case studies
  • Identification of effective and flawed power establishment and use of power for influence in the case studies
  • Group discussion – how could it have been done better?

The importance of “relating” in negotiation

  • From a tactics-based style of negotiation to a behaviour and communication-based style
  • Completion of the Strength Deployment Index
  • Review of Relationship Awareness Theory
  • Understanding relating /negotiating weaknesses so we can convert them to strengths
  • How to gain most from negotiations with people of various relating styles

Negotiating for conflict resolution

  • Determining your own conflict resolution style
  • Understanding the nature of conflict
  • Understanding the five conflict negotiation styles – their strengths and weaknesses
  • Moving from weakness to strength in conflict resolution

Second major course exercise: Scenario review and discussion

  • Group review, presentation and discussion/debate concerning a number of negotiation scenarios – some real and some simulated
  • Group discussion regarding scenarios presented by course members

On-site & in-house training

Deliver this course how you want, where you want, when you want – and save up to 40%! 8+ employees seeking training on the same topic?

Talk to us about an on-site/in-house & customised solution.


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Training Consultant
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