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P18GC12 Managing Change and Uncertainty
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Managing Change and Uncertainty

1-Day Training Course: Gain insights and strategies that can help you and your organisation to deal more effectively with change

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Recognise the inevitability of change, and the significant changes that have impacted on everyone during the last few decades
  • Identify your circle of concern versus your circle of influence, and adopt a proactive focus with both circles Learn how we typically move through four phases of dealing with change and uncertainty
  • Realise that reactions such as resistance and denial are a natural part of the process of dealing with change – but that we shouldn’t stay stuck there
  • Recognise the typical feelings associated with major change and uncertainty, and know that all feelings are okay!
  • Understand how our values, perceptions, self-confidence and typical reactions to change affect our ability to manage change
  • Embrace the notion that we always have choices – we don’t have to suffer from ‘learned helplessness’
  • Build resilience, through meditation / mindfulness, exercise, diet, building relationships and practicing empassertiveness
  • Employ strategies that will help you deal more effectively with transition through major change and uncertainty
  • Learn to be happy!


About the Course

“Most change management programs initiated by leaders in organisations fail. They fail fundamentally because it is conceived as an outside-in process, moving about parts of the organization, rather than an inside-out process which focuses on change within individuals.” Psychology Today.

The course focuses on insights and strategies that can help individuals, managers and organisations to deal more effectively with change. It begins by examining the major changes that have impacted on everyone in recent years / decades, how we have generally dealt with them, and strategies that we have acquired along the way to deal with this continual change.

A change flow model is then introduced, which highlights four typical phases of dealing with change, and the common thoughts and behaviours associated with each phase. We then examine the circle of concern versus the circle of influence, and stress the benefits of being proactive and realising that we always have choices.

There is an examination of how our values, perceptions and self-confidence influence our ability to positively embrace change. Following on from this, there is discussion of the typical feelings associated with major change and uncertainty, the reasons for these feelings and recognising that all feelings are okay -they all have their place.

There is then a strong focus on how we can build our resilience to effectively manage change, with emphasis on exercise, diet, sleep, practicing empassertiveness and mindfulness/heartfulness as key components of a strategy to build resilience.

Finally, there is discussion of the importance of managing transitions (which encompasses the management of endings, the neutral zone and new beginnings), and what managers, HR staff and change agents can do to help themselves and others effectively manage transitions through change.


Who Will Benefit

This course is ideal for those who typically struggle or are currently struggling with major change and uncertainty. It will also be very useful for HR managers/staff, and those in a leadership role who need to help team members better embrace change and uncertainty.

It will additionally be useful for project managers and change agents, who will benefit from recognising how people typically deal with major change and uncertainty, and strategies that can help them more effectively embrace change.


Narayan van de Graaff


Lots of valuable content – great presentation.

Instructor was very knowledgeable and interesting. A lot of interaction.

Made me understand how to cope with change – it changed my way of thinking

Course Outline

Change isn’t what it used to be! The significant changes in our lives

  • What changes have occurred in the recent past?
  • Continual change – it is here to stay
  • The significant changes in your life, and how you dealt with them
  • Strategies we have learnt to deal with change

How we typically deal with major change and uncertainty

  • Is your change a threat or opportunity – or both?
  • The change flow model: how we typically deal with change
  • Where do you stand in the change flow model? How do you deal with change?

Change and your comfort zone

  • Your circle of concern versus your circle of influence
  • Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone?
  • We always have choices! We don’t have to suffer from ‘learned helplessness’.

Our values, perceptions and self-confidence

  • Our values and their relationship to change
  • Perception versus reality
  • Putting change into perspective on a ten-point scale
  • We often catastrophise the consequences of change!
  • Building self-confidence to effectively manage change

Stress and feelings about major change and uncertainty

  • Typical feelings associated with change and uncertainty
  • What underlies these various feelings?
  • It’s okay to feel whatever you’re feeling!
  • Change and stress
  • Typical stress symptoms

Building resilience to effectively deal with change

  • Practice empassertiveness
  • Key assertiveness techniques
  • Finding a work-life balance
  • Exercise, diet and sleep as key components
  • Enhancing your key relationships
  • Practicing mindfulness and heartfulness
  • Learn to be happy!

Managing transitions through change

  • Managing transitions versus managing change
  • Managing endings, the neutral zone and new beginnings
  • Strategies for managing each of the three phases
  • Transition and the change flow model
  • What can you do to help others manage change and uncertainty?
  • Action plan for moving forwards

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