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P18GC14 Preventing Bullying & Harassment
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Preventing Bullying & Harassment

1 Day Training Course: Implement preventive measures to minimise workplace bullying and harassment

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Know the prevalence of bullying and harassment, and the severity of its impact on victims and organisations
  • Know the responsibilities of all organisations and managers to effectively deal with instances of bullying and harassment
  • Identify key bullying and harassment behaviours in the workplace
  • Recognise early signs and symptoms of suffering from bullying and harassment
  • Bullying and harassment – the impact of unconscious bias
  • Develop confidence and ability to address instances with colleagues, managers and victims of bullying
  • Practice assertiveness and respectful communication at all times
  • Identify the options available for effectively dealing with bullying and harassment
  • Learn how to prevent and minimise occurrences of bullying and harassment

About the Course

Workplace bullying and harassment cause serious harm to worker health and organisations. Bullying is estimated to cost up to $36 billion annually in Australia. At a personal level, workers experience a range of psychological and physical health problems after they are bullied. There is a significant relationship between workplace bullying and a range of psychological health and well-being outcomes (anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, strain, psychosomatic symptoms, burnout, and physical health complaints). It is also associated with increased intention to leave and absenteeism, and decreased job satisfaction and commitment.

This course highlights the prevalence and consequences of bullying and harassment in the workplace, and its great cost to affected individuals, teams and organisations. Bullying and harassment are defined, and distinguished from workplace discrimination.

The various types of common bullying and harassment behaviours are examined, and these are contrasted to performance management/appraisal feedback and certain other behaviours, which are not bullying or harassment. The cycle of bullying is discussed, as well as its impact on individuals, teams, managers and organisations.

Case studies are provided in bullying and harassment – these highlight the types of unacceptable behaviours that can occur, the significant resultant costs, and appropriate responses that should have occurred.

The course then highlights the responsibilities of HR and supervisors/managers to deal with bullying and harassment in a timely, effective way, as well as the options available to them to address these behaviours.

Finally, the course examines the need to ‘teach people how to treat you’. Affected employees are strongly advised to practice assertiveness, know available options, and implement preventative measures so that the prevalence of bullying and harassment are minimised.

Who Will Benefit

This course will be of special benefit to HR managers and staff, who need to deal with the effects and consequences of workplace bullying, and provide staff training in this critical area when required.

It will also benefit managers and supervisors, in terms of identifying the signs, symptoms and consequences of bullying and harassment, and options for dealing with these behaviours.

It can further be very helpful to any staff who have experienced bullying or harassment – to inform them and empower them to take positive action, rather than allowing these behaviours to continue.


Narayan van de Graaff


This was an important course for our supervisors, many of whom would not have recognised the prevalence of bullying and harassment in our workplace. They now know that they have a responsibility to address it in a timely, effective manne.

It has given me clear guidelines for identifying bullying and harassment in my team and our workplace, and what to do when it occurs.

I had no idea that bullying was so prevalent. Even though I have experienced it and seen it happen often enough, I had not identified those behaviours as bullying and harassment. Now I know what I need to do next time it happens.

Course Outline

Bullying and harassment in the workplace

  • The prevalence of bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • The severity and cost of bullying and harassment in Australia
  • The top ten workplace bullying complaints
  • Who is protected from workplace bullying and harassment?

What are bullying and harassment?

  • Definitions of bullying and harassment
  • How bullying is different from discrimination
  • What bullying and harassment are not

Bullying and harassment behaviours

  • Types of bullying
  • Typical workplace bullying and harassment behaviours
  • Bullies versus tough managers

The cycle of bullying and its effects

  • The cycle of bullying
  • How bullying affects individuals
  • How bullying can affect other people

Responsibilities of organisations and managers

  • How often are bullying and harassment reported?
  • Case studies/consequences of bullying and harassment
  • Responsibilities of employers/managers regarding bullying and harassment

How to deal with bullying and harassment

  • What to do if you think that bullying or harassment has happened
  • Teach people (including bullies) how to treat you!
  • Assertiveness versus aggression and submissiveness
  • Options for dealing with bullying and harassment
  • Key preventative action measures
  • Where to get information

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