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Live Online Training Course:
Written Communication Workshop

Live Online Training Course: The Premier Guide to Professional Business Writing Develop a persuasive, accurate & reader-friendly writing style. Become a clear, concise & succinct writer. Reduce time spent on emailing, drafting documents & compiling reports.

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Online Course:

About the Course

How do we develop a credible and influential style?

How do we differentiate ourselves to ensure we are being read?

How do we communicate efficiently to allow more time for our core role?

Written communication is an essential tool of trade in the corporate world and an important element in your organisation’s branding. This course is for business executives and all their team members who wish to improve the efficiency, clarity and persuasiveness of their written communication.

Participants learn what makes people actually read their writing, how to cater for different reading styles – for audiences that might extend from board members to regulators, from team members to potential customers.

Who Should Attend

This course is relevant for all writers competing with the avalanche of information their readers receive; for both competent and unconfident writers — as we can never stop honing our drafting skills; for those who recognise that unclear communication is costly — for them and for their organisation; and for writers who want to ensure their documents are as persuasive and succinct as possible for their readers. Technical people such as IT specialists, engineers and technicians will find this particularly valuable.


Gina Frampton

Key Learning Objectives

  • Develop a persuasive, succinct and efficient style
  • Understand the impact of your tone on effective communication with colleagues, clients and competitors
  • Stay up-to-date with the rules of grammar and punctuation
  • Streamline your proof-reading and editing
  • Condense copious, detailed, technical information into a reader- friendly and succinct format
  • Structure, plan and design your reports, board papers, emails and file notes to prioritise important information
  • Combine text, graphics and tables to communicate key information concisely
  • Write executive summaries that nontechnical readers and decision- makers respond to readily
  • Choose words, punctuation, sentences, paragraphs and structure that convey your message clearly and persuasively

Live Online Training

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Course Outline

You and your writing

  • Identify your writing strengths and weaknesses
  • Review grammar and punctuation rules and trends
  • Discuss how to improve the review process – learning from feedback and giving feedback to others

The pre-writing stage of writing

  • Think first – determine your writing goals and purpose
  • Clarify what you want to say before you start writing
  • Plan and structure your writing

Use the basic writing tools effectively

  • Use paragraphs to build a logical structure
  • Write concise, easy-to-read sentences and use sentence ‘hotspots’ for maximum persuasive effect
  • Use bullet points to allow your reader to digest information efficiently
  • Choose words that convey your message as clearly as

Write in an appropriate tone

  • Understand the importance of good tone to team-building and to developing client relationships
  • Use clear and assertive language to get the results you want
  • Evaluate what works and what doesn’t work in emails

Formatting and layout tips

  • Use formatting and design tools to cater for different reading styles
  • Design documents for visual impact

Editing and proofreading

  • Edit your work thoroughly for a professional finish
  • Edit for layout as well as for language
  • Edit as a reader, not as a writer

Preparing, planning and designing documents — what does your reader need?

  • Clarify your purpose and desired outcomes
  • Be clear about your key messages
  • Write knowing your audience and knowing your objectives

Structure and plan your documents

  • Use headings and subheadings generously
  • Use numbering, bullet lists and indents to bunch information
  • Know when to use executive summaries, appendices, footnotes etc

Write for different audiences

  • Review audience types and how to write for specific audiences
  • Layer information to provide both a high-level overview for some readers and detail for others
  • Make technical information accessible to non-technical readers

Use tables and graphs effectively

  • Know when to use a table or graph
  • Integrate your table or graph into your text
  • Keep your graphs and tables simple and clear

Write competent executive summaries

  • Key elements and important considerations for executive summaries
  • Be concise, concrete and specific
  • Avoid generalisations

Write clear options and recommendations

  • Identify risks and opportunities
  • Anticipate readers’ questions and objections
  • Write stand-alone recommendations

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