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Essential Guide To Bitcoin, Blockchain, And Cryptocurrency For Individuals And Institutional Investors

Sydney | 19-20 August 2021
Melbourne | 26-27 August 2021

LIVE ONLINE TRAINING: 4-Part series | Over 4 days | 14:00 – 17:30 (AEST)
September 2021 Course : 16 Sep | 17 Sep | 23 Sep | 24 Sep

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This interactive training course will trace the path of Blockchain science, its breakthroughs and the emergence of alternative store of value that challenge the way we think about money and the rise of Bitcoin, Altcoins, smart contracts and the current proliferation of cryptocurrencies, enterprise networks and decentralised applications like DeFi throughout this workshop.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of Blockchain technology, its applications and the future with visual demonstrations of Blockchain in action.
  • Learn or strengthen knowledge about various types of cryptocurrencies and its applications – the good, bad & ugly!
  • Understanding the importance of cyber security when dealing with digital assets, best practices and the tools required to mitigate various security risks.
  • Learn how & where NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are traded, fundamental, operational and security risks.
  • Develop a practical understanding with in-class workshops about various types of hardware and software wallets, private and public keys and how individuals and institutional investors can use them securely to manage their digital assets portfolio.
  • Learn how & where DeFi (Decentralised Finance) is transacted, the disruptive technology that is threatening the conventional banking infrastructure.
  • Distinguish between IPOs, ICOs and IDOs. Understand how to vet an ICO or IDO from an institutional investor lens and learn about its financial risks before investing.

About the Course

The objective of this workshop is to give you, an individual or an institutional investor, a solid foundational start before investing in a digital asset class securely. Conducted by a cyber security and blockchain expert, Haroon’s focus is to remove the FUd (fear, uncertainty and doubt) involving cryptocurrency investments and explain how to mitigate evolving security risks.

This course is designed for individuals and institutional investors who are new to the cryptocurrency space or wanting to get started, equipping them with a deeper level of understanding about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, Wallets, NFTs, smart contracts, and cyber security risks. The course comprises of engaging visual presentations, hands-on workshops to enable attendees to take with them the confidence to invest in cryptocurrencies with best security practices. Learners will be able to understand and operate centralised and DeX (Decentralised) exchanges, create, manage & operate single and multi-signatory digital wallets, trade NFTs, transact on DeFi platforms and circumspect ICOs & IDOs.

Hackers stole over US$11 Billion worth of cryptocurrencies in the past nine years and this figure does not include cryptocurrencies lost due to improper wallets and keys management. Cybersecurity is of paramount importance today, especially for UHNW, corporate and government institutional investors feeling the need to equip themselves with intricate knowledge of the subject to safeguard their valuable digital asset class investments. The course enhances cyber security awareness and practicing basic cyber hygiene while keeping the current threat landscape in mind. Learners will get an opportunity to learn about different methods of safeguarding crypto investments at both institutional and individual level.

The course will also provide deeper understanding about mining & staking cryptocurrencies in a PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS (Proof of Stake/Space), DeFi, yield & liquidity mining (i.e., generating rewards by cryptocurrency holdings/staking), related investment opportunities on PoS blockchains.

After this 2-day workshop, learners will walk away with the right amount of confidence and be able to speak the crypto ‘language’ with their peers, stakeholders and clients, be able to fish out right opportunities and securely transact or securely HODL (Hold On To Dear Life) coins.

Who Will Benefit

This course will be of particular interest to government investment houses, private investment firms, fund managers, family houses, U/HNW individuals, financial advisors, accountants and lawyers who are seeking to equip themselves with the right knowledge and tools to securely and confidently invest in this century’s biggest asset class.


Haroon Ali

Director, Australian Cyber Corporation

Max Riaz

Director, Banyantree Investment Group

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Course Outline

A. Blockchain Basics – P

What Is Blockchain & How Does It Work?

  • Blockchain fundamentals for beginners
  • How does Blockchain work?
  • Understanding PoW and PoS blockchains.

Types of Blockchain

  • Learn different type of blockchains and its applications.
  • Public and Private blockchains
  • The most popular Blockchain?

Real-Life Blockchain Applications

  • Some most popular Blockchain applications.
  • Blockchain use cases
  • How do Blockchain applications transform society?

B. Cryptocurrencies & Exchanges – P/V

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

  • Explain the concept of cryptocurrency.
  • How do cryptocurrencies work?
  • What does buy and sell really mean in crypto world?

Types of Cryptocurrencies

  • Different types of cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin & ALT coins – the WWWs (What, Where & Why)

Centralised & DeX (Decentralised) Exchanges

  • Learn the difference between the two and options available.
  • How do you trade in both types of exchanges?
  • Understand exchange arbitration for maximum profits.

Security Overview & Volatility Risks

  • Types of security threats out there today and how these risks can threaten investments.
  • Understand the causes of volatility in cryptocurrency trading and see examples of how market news affect cryptocurrencies?
  • The 51% attack threat.

C. Smart Contracts – P

Smart Contracts – What, Why & Where

  • Smart Contracts – Overview, Uses, Benefits & Limitations
  • Applications & how are they disrupting every industry.
  • Types of smart contract supporting blockchains.
  • Which organizations use smart contracts?

D. Cyber Securing Crypto Investments – W

Overview on current threat landscape effecting cryptocurrencies & investments

  • Types of cyber-attacks and evolving threat landscape
  • Ransomware, cryptojacking, brute force, DDoS & more.
  • Social engineering & phishing attacks
  • Risks with centralised exchanges.

Smarter & Secure Password/Private Key Management

  • The importance of smarter password management
  • Securely manage passwords and private keys.
  • Using Multi-Factor Authentication tools to enhance security.

E. Wallets – W

Overview of Wallets

  • Wallets & their pseudo anonymity
  • Private & Public keys
  • Soft, Warm & Cold wallets – What, Why, Where

Software Wallets, MetaMask, Multi-Sig & MPC

  • Software wallets and explain their significance?
  • What is MetaMask, Multi-Sig, and MPC wallets?
  • Why are multi-signatory wallets important for institutional investors?

Hardware Wallets

  • What are hardware wallets?
  • The different types of hardware wallets
  • Choosing the right wallets based on type & level of investment.

Multi-Sig & Hardware Wallet Practical Demonstration for Institutional Investors

  • How to use a Multi-Sig wallet.
  • How to use a Hardware wallet.

Hands on workshop with MetaMask & MultiSig Wallet

  • What is Gas (Gwei) and Gas Limit?
  • Create Wallet in MetaMask, Receive and Send coins
  • Demonstration of multi-sig wallet involving multiple signatories.

F. DeFi – T

Introduction to DeFi (Decentralised Finance)

  • What is DeFi and how does it work?
  • Role of smart contracts in DeFi.
  • What is yield farming and how is it done?
  • Coins & Blockchain Used in Defi
  • What are DeFi coins and tokens?
  • Will DeFi disrupt the conventional banking system? (Max)
  • How to Get Involved in DeFi Transactions?
  • DeFi platforms to experiment with
  • Transacting with DeFi – Visual demo or Video (Time permitting)

G. NFTs – W

Introduction to NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

  • NFTs – What, Why & Where
  • How to Get Started With NFTs?
  • How do NFTs work?
  • Top platforms to transact in NFTs.
  • Security & IPFS
  • Learn what is IPFS (Interplanetary File System)
  • Securing NFT’s ‘backend
  • NFTs for Institutional investors

Risks with NFTs

  • What are the risks with NFTs? Are there fake NFTs?
  • Can NFTs be used for money laundering?
  • Create your own NFT
  • Tools required to create your own NFT.
  • Visual or video demonstration to create an NFT

H. Demonstration of the first trade – W

Creating A Wallet on Ethereum Blockchain

  • How to create a wallet on Ethereum Blockchain?
    – Metamask
    – MyEtherWallet (Ropsten Testnet)

Purchasing Your First Crypto

  • How to buy your first Ethereum Crypto
  • Tracking your blockchain transaction
  • Verifying transaction in your newly created wallet.

Selling Your First Crypto

  • Send ETH between MetaMask Wallets
  • Verifying transaction on sender wallet and receiver’s wallet.

I. Institutional Investors – W

ICOs vs. IPOs vs IDOs

  • How do ICOs & IDOs differentiate from IPOs
  • How IDOs address the risks with ICOs
  • Are ICOs worth a good investment? What to look for.

Stock to Flow Ratio

  • The concept of the Stock Flow ratio
  • Is the stock-flow model accurate?

Secure Custody & Portfolio Management

  • What is secure custody?
  • Platforms available that can help provide secure custody.
  • Professional portfolio management tools with APIs

Australian Cyber Corporation & BanyanTree Investment Group Value

  • Banyantree Investment Group – Australia’s well known financial investment advisors.
  • Australian Cyber Corporation – Premium cyber security & blockchain consulting services.

Taxation – ATO Rules on Crypto Assets

  • Are returns on crypto trading taxed?
  • Should I report cryptocurrency earnings on my taxes?
  • Explain the ATO rules on crypto assets

CGT & Declaration Best Practices

  • Are crypto earnings subject to Capital Gains Tax?
  • What are the best declaration practices on CGT?

*W – Hands-on workshop/physical demonstration including the active involvement of participants
*V – Video demonstration
*P – Presentation Slides
*T – Time permitting workshop

when & where

19 Aug 2021


26 Aug 2021


16 Sep 2021

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