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4th Annual STEM Education Conference

Informa’s STEM education conference involves highly practical and interactive series offering solutions for the biggest challenges in STEM.

26-27 July 2017 | Radisson Blu Plaza Sydney

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Delivering the World’s next generation of Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, and Mathematicians is no easy feat. Business demands these skills more than ever, yet there is a sizeable gulf between the current STEM curriculum and the skills and knowledge required for STEM professions.

How does one inspire and prepare a young student for a career in Nanotechnology, Aerospace Engineering or Microbiology, for example? How can we create STEM innovators through high quality educational programs? And how can we encourage females to pursue careers in these male-dominated industries (currently just 20% of STEM leadership positions are fulfilled by women).

These are some of the key topics being addressed at Informa’s 4th Annual STEM Education Conference.


8:50 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair


9:00 am

KEYNOTE ADDRESS | STEM’s ability to create social change and empower future generations

Jan Owen AO, CEO, Foundation for Young Australians

9:45 am


  • Making STEM accessible for teachers and students
  • STEM education in rural areas
  • Creating collaborative STEM connections between schools
  • Methods for attracting high-quality teachers to areas/schools with high proportions of at-risk pupils

10:30 am

Networking and refreshment break

11:00 am


  • NZQA’s flagship program Āmua Ao
  • Engaging Māori students to the world/industry of STEM
  • Experiences offered, such as a week long STEM camp in Silicon Valley, USA

11:30 am


  • How to ensure women are fairly represented in STEM leadership
  • History of women’s participation in STEM – success stories
  • Why women leave STEM – what can be done?
  • The implications of greater diversity in STEM leadership, for the industry

12:00 pm


  • Being an adaptive leader
  • Challenging embedded norms to promote policy making inclusive of diversity
  • Strategies to make school leadership in STEM more effective

12:30 pm

Lunch and networking break


1:30 pm


  • Key changes since the NSS’s inception, in 2013
  • Key updates and how they’ve transpired since the latest amendments in 2016
  • Are we moving in the right direction to create and innovative and connected STEM industry, through education?

2:00 pm

A presentation looking at how the University of Sydney is encouraging young scientists to challenge paradigms. Hear how, through collaboration, how UniSyd and Sydney Grammar School were able to take on Turing Pharmaceutical’s Martin Shkreli and gain the admiration of Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

2:30 pm

We have all heard how critical STEM skills are for Australia’s future. How can we inspire students to pursue, be engaged or even get excited about STEM? One solution is bringing the real world context into the classroom through classroom resources. This can be powerful, particularly to engage girls in STEM fields and answer the question ‘why do I need to learn this?’ in maths class. This presentation will demonstrate ways to create real world contexts that are relevant for students and provide an overview of how you can create your own real world resources.

3:00 pm

Networking and refreshment break


3:30 pm


  • What ‘digital’ really means and how it is vital to future employability and innovation
  • The importance of children being digitally literate
  • Women in Digital and its work

4:00 pm

Richard Johnson is making a difference with the pupils he’s teaching and with many teachers throughout Western Australia. He’s the science specialist teacher at Rostrata Primary School, Perth, Western Australia and winner of numerous science teaching awards including the Premier’s Prize for Science Teaching 2008 and the Prime Minister’s Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching in Primary Schools 2013. More recently he was a top ten finalist in the 2016 Global Teacher Prize. Hear him talk about some of his experiences with eminent personalities in science and his extraordinary journey in creating a new way of teaching STEM in primary schools.

4:30 pm


  • Lauriston Girls’ School’s adoption of Stanford University’s initiative – the fab lab
  • How problem solving has been applied to areas such as robotics, 3D printing and software programming
  • The fab-lab cross-curricular approach

5:00 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair

5:15 pm

Networking drinks

8:50 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair


9:00 am

Hear from students/pupils about what motivates them to be involved in STEM studies. An introduction into what people currently studying think of practical STEM innovation.

9:15 am


  • The current climate of innovation throughout levels of education, in Australia and globally
  • How to ensure girls and children with lower SES to pursue STEM studies
  • The importance of school/academia/industry collaboration
  • Possibility of a global STEM platform

10:00 am


  • Term biohacking and what it means
  • How biohacking can be adopted in the classroom
  • Results of using the innovative new practice

10:30 am

Networking and refreshment break


10:45 am


  • Giving all Australian schoolchildren access to outstanding mathematics teachers
  • Guaranteeing high standards of mathematical sciences teaching at Australian tertiary institutions
  • Achieving both global and local impact for Australian research in the mathematical sciences
  • Ensuring that Australian society is capturing the benefits of mathematics-based technologies

11:15 am

A discussion looking into the lesser known mathematical equivalent to dyslexia.


  • What dyscalculia is and how it can be identified in the classroom
  • Strategies to support dyscalculic learners
  • The need for educators to approach dyscalculia with the same vigour as dyslexia to ensure children aren’t dissuaded from studying mathematical subjects

11:45 am


  • The status of mathematics education throughout primary, secondary and tertiary education
  • Should mathematics be a prerequisite to enrol on university courses
  • Good practice internationally

12:15 pm

Lunch and networking break


1:15 pm


  • Best practice seen in Australia
  • Examples of effective leadership and successful STEM programs
  • Current challenges and how to overcome them
  • The future of STEM studies and the prospect of Australia being a STEM world-leader
  • Industry links that connect with schools at all levels
  • What is industry looking for from STEM? Why is STEM so important for the future of industry markets?

2:00 pm


  • Optimising STEM education
  • Summer schools for STEM students
  • Second phase of research in the involvement of Scietech

2:30 pm

Networking and refreshment break

3:00 pm


  • Current support systems and resources in place for teachers and schools
  • Does STEM require a new approach to assessment, or do current systems suffice?
  • Planning approaches that encourage learning well in STEM subjects
  • Innovations in STEM planning and assessment

3:45 pm

This talk provides a case study of the Bachelor of Science Advanced – Global Challenges (Honours) at Monash University. This degree weaves leadership and entrepreneurship into a traditional science degree with the explicit intent of developing global citizens able to affect change on the global stage.

4:15 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair

4:30 pm



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International Speakers


Ellen Jorgensen

Executive Director & Co-Founder, Genspace, USA


Daryn Bean

Deputy Chief Executive – Māori, NZQA, New Zealand



Jan Owen AO

CEO, Foundation for Young Australians


Liz Jakubowski

Director, CSIRO


Dr Bernardo Leon de la Barra

Lecturer, University of Tasmania

Genevieve Lazzari

Program Director, In2science


Daryn Bean

Deputy Chief Executive – Māori, NZQA, New Zealand


Athena Vongalis-Macrow

Director, Women Leadership Lab


Dr Roslyn Prinsley

Senior Advisor – STEM Education, Australian Government Department of Education and Training


Felicity Furey

Founding Director & CMO, Machinam


Holly Tattersall

Founder & CEO, Women in Digital


Richard Johnson

STEM Specialist Teacher, Rostrata Primary School, WA

Susan Just

Principal, Lauriston Girls’ School, VIC


Sid Verma

Founder, BrainSTEM

Distinguished Professor Stuart Cunningham OA

Creative Industries Faculty, QUT

Marguerite Evans-Galea

Co-Founder & CEO, Women in Science Australia

Kelly Tagalan

GM, Code Club Australia


Ellen Jorgensen

Executive Director & Co-Founder, Genspace, USA


Jodi Clements

President and Founder, Australian Dyslexia Association


Professor Geoff Prince

Director, Australian Mathematical Science Institute


Dr Scott Sleap

Program Director, ME Program


Dr Michael Myers OAM

Executive Director, Re-Engineering Australia Foundation


Dr Rowan Brookes

Senior Lecturer, Monash University


Dr Karen Murcia

Senior Lecturer, Curtin University

Dr Rachel Wilson

Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney

when & where

26 - 27 Jul 2017

Radisson Blu Plaza Sydney
27 O’Connell St, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 8214 0000

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