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29-08-2018 (Brisbane)

P18GR08 CSG Fundamentals
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CSG Fundamentals

2-Day Training Course: THE Essential Techno-Commercial Introduction to CSG. Build your understanding & confidence in the technical & commercial aspects of CSG from an Australian perspective. Investigate the drivers behind the development of successful CSG projects & demystify the environmental issues that constrain the industry

Brisbane | 29-30 August 2018

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Gain a working knowledge of the industry, understand the global context, and key developments
  • Examine fundamentals of coal geology, and learn what drives the variance in key reservoir properties such as gas content, gas composition, permeability and saturation from project to project
  • Understand how to evaluate a CSG project based on exploration data
  • Discover how the fundamental reservoir factors drive the commercial decisions
  • Comprehend the differences in approach to gas management and development in mining and CSG
  • Analyse gas volumetrics and calculate in-place gas volumes
  • Demystify environmental issues such as fracking and water management
  • Learn how to convert resources to reserves and how to manage independent certifiers
  • Learn the requirements for a successful CSG pilot project and its role in project development

About the Course

This course is designed to assist individuals throughout the financial, coal and petroleum industries to better understand CSG principles and fundamentals.

You will examine the entire CSG project spectrum, which is intended to provide an introduction to those who are new to the CSG industry yet show relevant case histories for those currently working on ongoing CSG projects.

The course will identify the unique characteristics of the Australasian CSG scene, with relevant comparison to the historical development of the industry in North America, and other current global developments.

CSG projects are highly variable in fundamental reservoir properties, perhaps more so than conventional oil and gas.

The course is designed to unveil the differences that exist between many projects and provide a level of understanding that will facilitate reasoned analysis and informed commentary on project commercial viability.

Who Will Benefit

  • Petroleum engineers and geologists who wish to understand the differences between conventional and CSG projects
  • Potential investors in CSG projects
  • CSG managers who wish to understand the reserve process, reserve bookings and risk in CSG
  • Anyone wishing to establish a basic understanding of CSG


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Location, dates & pricing

Brisbane // 29-30 August 2018
Super Early Bird rate: $2,495 (Save $300 + GST). Use code P18GR08BR. Expires by 20 Jul 2018.
Early Bird rate: $2,695. Expires by 10 Aug 2018.
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Scott was very knowledgeable and made the day interesting. I learned more about the CSG industry and will be able to answer questions more confidently.”
Wells SAP Team Lead, Arrow Energy

Extremely knowledgeable, able to explain complex things clearly and kept participants engaged.”
HSE Advisor, Arrow Energy

Expert knowledge, open nature and willingness to answer any questions asked. Great course which was thoroughly informative and the presenter was excellent.”
Policy Officer, Department of Industry

Friendly, relaxed, knowledgeable, experienced and straight forward. An excellent course with great content. Presented in a relaxed and informal manner. Good use of videos.”


Scott Thomson

Course Outline

Background to the CSG industry

  • The global context of CSG development
  • The impact of unconventional gas generally
  • CSG from the broad energy perspective – Why now?
  • The development of the Australian CSG industry
  • Major projects in Australia
  • What’s happening around the world?
  • ‘CBM’ in North America: Is the dog alive?

Coal seam gas fundamentals

  • Background to coal formation
  • Where is coal and CSG in the global context?
  • How coal stores gas and how it is released
  • What drives gas content in coals? The concept of coal rank
  • Coal quality and CSG properties
  • How does gas composition vary? What are the implications for CSG development?
  • What fundamental reservoir property governs the delivery of gas to the wellhead?
  • Gas and water: Strange bedfellows?
  • Coal continuity and geological structure: How they impact upon commercial decisions

CSG exploration

  • Looking for elephants in elephant country
  • Where do we find CSG in Australia and beyond?
  • What we need to do to establish a CSG project?
  • Geophysics and CSG: What works and what does not?
  • Equipment and contractor requirements
  • Desorption and adsorption: Why and what do we learn?
  • Well testing: When and what to test?
  • Borehole spacing, data quality and reserve certification
  • Understanding coal morphology and its impact upon economics
  • The pilot project: Why and when? Impact upon certification

CSG drilling and completion

  • What methods are commonplace?
  • Drivers for D & C choice
  • Vertical or horizontal?
  • To fracc or not to fracc? Which horizons?
  • Drilling methodologies and equipment
  • Completion equipment and design
  • History matching: Actual versus predicted well performance
  • Total field management

CSG resources and reserves

  • Definitions and standards: What does it all mean?
  • Due diligence and property assessment
  • How to get the most out the project for the least expenditure
  • Managing the independent certifier: What to look out for to get the best outcome
  • Monetising your project: What is needed?
  • Reporting reserves to the ASX: Dos and don’ts

Environmental aspects

  • The water problem: How much and how long?
  • Water management solutions: Beneficiation options
  • Where to put that water: Reinjection and approved disposal alternatives
  • The ‘F’ word: Fraccing–What are the risks?
  • Groundwater monitoring and CSG: Why this is so important
  • Can agriculture and CSG prosper together?

CSG economics

  • Domestic or overseas markets? Impact upon CSG development strategy
  • The basic economics of CSG: What turns a good project bad
  • Review of project economics, cost of production, price of gas and margins
  • Infrastructure, connection to the grid, and costs
  • CSG and other sources of unconventional gas: Future economic scenarios
  • How can CSG economics be improved?

when & where

29 - 30 Aug 2018


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