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Contract Management Professional (CMP) Certification

Contract management specialists in Australia now have the opportunity to receive formal recognition for their knowledge & skills by completing the CMP Certification.

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Become a Contract Management Professional (CMP)

Contract management specialists in Australia now have the opportunity to receive formal recognition for their knowledge & skills by completing the CMP Certification.

  • IIBT and Informa Corporate Learning have joined together to provide a pathway for those who complete Informa’s CMP Certification at the Master level
  • Be confident knowing that Informa’s CMP is Australia’s longest established, premier CMP Certification
  • All CMP Masters will receive 2 Units of RPL in the University level Diploma of Business Administration through IIBT

The Diploma has guaranteed articulation into the second year of a bachelor degree at one of these partner universities:

  • University of Tasmania
  • Curtin University
  • University of Wollongong
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • Bond University
  • Edith Cowan University

About the CMP Certification

The CMP Certification addresses all of the knowledge areas required to become a proficient contracts manager.

This certification has been designed and developed, based on research with the Australian contract management community and the CMP Executive Panel. Its goal is to address the desire for all people involved in the contract life cycle, to avoid the pitfalls, headaches and cost blowouts that can occur when contracts are not tight, well structured, or well managed.

The CMP Certification framework facilitates the learning and direct application of knowledge and skills in the workplace. It has been developed through rigorous peer review and is refined regularly, in response to customer feedback, industry research, new trends and changes in legislation.

Participants can complete the whole certification, the sub-certifications, or, select the most relevant units to align with your company’s training needs analyses.

Customised, in-company versions of the CMP are available. We can work with your company’s contracts and contractual issues, and develop case studies more relevant to your unique and confidential objectives.

The CMP Master

Fast-Track to a Diploma or Bachelor Degree

For those contract management specialists who may not have a formal higher educational or university qualification, Informa have aligned with IIBT, an Australian higher education provider, to provide a fast-track to:

  • A Diploma of Business Administration (through IIBT)
  • A Bachelor Degree (through IIBT)

Become a CMP Master by first becoming a CMP, then completing 2 additional elective units from the CMP frame work

  • As a CMP Master you will gain 2 units of credit towards the 1-year Diploma of Business Administration
  • Complete the Diploma of Business Administration and gain guaranteed articulation into 2nd year of a relevant bachelor degree at the IIBT partner universities


Join 1000s of our happy customers who give us a 95% satisfaction rate

I have done many courses in contracts over the last 20 years and this is by far the most informative session I have ever attended. Brilliant stuff.”
Supply Chain Manager, Loy Yang Power

I enjoyed the case studies & examples. Understanding contract admin terminology & I gained a better knowledge of the concepts.”
Contracts Manager, Austar

I enjoyed the plain English version on contract law. Very easy to understand and flowed well. I enjoyed the real examples rather than theory.”
Senior Contract Specialist, Telstra

Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Learnt some common sense techniques for understanding contract law.”
Deputy Project Manager, Decmil

Covered a lot of aspects that I did not consider & I have learnt about some key issues that I will look for now when reviewing contracts across the board.”
Manager Panel Relations, IMS Health

Small group, entertaining presenter, lots of interaction & discussion, Have learned a lot & reinforced some current practice & new ideas for updating practices.”
Contracts Manager, Trident

The course addressed issues relating to contracts and provided a greater depth of knowledge regarding contract preparation.”
Major Projects Manager, Brisbane Airport Corporation

Additional insights into practical administration of contracts. Diversity of opinion & experience from fellow participants.”
General Manager Quarries, Boral Resources Ltd

Terry’s experience, stories and delivery makes course very enjoyable. My knowledge has increased further in legal terms, interpretations and essential agreements of contracts. Great extension after doing Fundamentals of Law.
Procurement Manager, Alstom Power

The course gave me a number of useful tools that I can take back to my workplace. It was all relevant, the pace of discussion was very good.
Manager Contract Governance, Bankwest

How CMP benefits you

How does the CMP benefit you and your organisation?

1. Be confident knowing that Informa’s CMP is Australia’s longest established, premier CMP Certification based on a mix of theory and knowledge based application, rigorously quality checked by the CMP Executive Panel

2. The learning achieved will help consolidate your and your organisation’s knowledge and skill base in contract management. It’s relevant for the private and public sectors

3. Either complete this certification through the open schedule of course offerings, or create a tailored, in-company version of the certification using your own contracts, examples, systems and documents to achieve more specific learning outcomes

Start your CMP Journey Today

Gain the specific knowledge and skills YOU NEED to be a proficient contracts manager

  • Experience 112+ hours dedicated to growing your contracts expertise
  • Be guided by true contract experts with 100s of lessons to share
  • Do it all at work…because it’s directly relevant to what you do
  • You certification benefits everyone. You. Your company. Your clients

Some of the many things you will learn and master through the CMP

  • Understand your contractual liabilities and ambiguous legal clauses
  • Learn to create valuable, relevant and accurate contract documents
  • Gain tips, tools and insights to negotiate your optimal contractual outcome
  • How to best administer contracts and optimise management processes
  • Learn from the tried and tested ways to best deal with claims and variations
  • Become a proactive contract specialist and manage your risks well


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IIBT/Informa Alliance

IIBT and Informa Corporate Learning have joined together to provide a pathway for those who become CMPs and may wish to gain a Diploma or University qualification.

All CMP Masters will received Recognised Prior Learning (RPL): which is 2 units of credit in the 12 month, Higher Education – University level Diploma of Business Administration.

  • Business Law (BL 101)
  • Management in Organisations (MGT 101)

This Diploma has guaranteed articulation into the second year of a relevant bachelor degree at one of the IIBT partner universities, including:

Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, University of Tasmania, Swinburne University of Technology, Bond University and University of Wollongong.

CMP Endorsing Bodies

International Institute of Business & Technology Australia
IIBT endorse the CMP Certification framework, therefore will recognise those who become a CMP Master and provide them with 2 units of credit towards a Diploma of Business Administration. Find our more at

CMP Executive Panel

Our panel of experts combine over 100 years of expertise in contract law, contract management, contract strategy and contract risk. They have impressive formal qualifications, extensive teaching experience, are authors of books, research papers and have designed university level curriculums.

They serve as qualified lawyers, barristers, solicitors, associate and adjunct professors and visiting lecturers around the world.

Actively involved with various professional associations and public speaking engagements, our experts have contributed to policy, training and education in the field of contract management.

Widely recognised and respected, our experts write and teach the CMP Certification syllabus, facilitate and mark and grade all of the tests and examinations.

Terry Reid
Terry has over 24 years of global experience as a barrister, solicitor and lecturer, and is an expert in the delivery of courses on a variety of legal topics.

Alana Dowley
Qualified in law, with over 20 years experience, Alana combines contracts and management consulting, corporate training and legal practice.

Dr Sara Cullen
Sara is a globally recognised expert in contracting with a PhD in the topic. She has worked with over 70 business functions; contract values up to $1.5billion pa.


Terry Reid

Alana Dowley

Sara Cullen

Course Outline

The CMP Certification Structure

The CMP Certification is the main certification available in the CMP series.

Candidates must complete 6 core units: plus 2 electives

  • The core units are mapped into 2 knowledge areas, contract law and contract management
  • The units are in the form of 2-day, face-to-face learning workshops
  • The units/workshops comprise teaching, facilitation, questioning, discussions and knowledge based testing

Upon passing the 8 units and tests, candidates may apply for the 2 knowledge area examinations:

  • Take-home, study based and comprise short and long answers
  • Require candidates to demonstrate the application of their knowledge in the workplace

Upon passing the 2 examinations and 8 tests, the candidate becomes a Certified Contract Management Professional (CMP)

  • Candidates can fast track a diploma, then a bachelor degree through the IIBT alliance on completing and passing 10 units and becoming a CMP Master


The CMA & CLS Sub-Level Certifications

There are 2 interim, sub-level certifications that may be achieved as part of the CMP framework.

1. The Contract Law Specialist (CLS)

  • The CLS is for those who want to feel confident with their knowledge and analysis skills around contract law, to improve their ability to work more directly with legal aspects of contracts
  • The CLS requires completion and passing the tests for all 3 Contract Law Units at both the Fundamental and Advanced levels. It also requires the completion of the Contract Law Exam

2. The Contract Management Associate (CMA)

  • The CMA is the first step on the pathway to becoming a CMP. It provides a fundamental overview and application of core contract management skills
  • The CMA requires completion and passing the tests for 3 Core units and 1 Elective at the Fundamental level


The Full Range of Certification Pathways


*CMP Master means that you will be able to gain 2 units of credit toward’s IIBT’s Diploma of Business Administration. On successful completion of the diploma, you gain direct entry to a 2nd year degree in the business faculty of one of the IIBT partner universities: Curtain University, University of Wollongong, University of Tasmania, Swinbume, University of Technology, Edith Cowan University and Bond University.


The CMP Certification Pathway



CMP Key Learning Objectives

Contract Management

  • Understand how to draft and interpret contracts and recognise rights and obligations
  • Examine the process of entering into contractual relationships
  • Prepare strategically for every contract negotiation, employing skills, tactics and strategies of commercial negotiators
  • Understand the use and amendment of standard form contracts
  • Appreciate the difficulties involved in designing and applying supplier selection/evaluation criteria
  • Introduce cooperative negotiation and partnering skills for contract formation and dispute avoidance/resolution
  • Execute contract negotiations from both contract conditions and financial/technical performance perspectives
  • Appreciate the contractual issues surrounding variations, delays, disruptions, performance and contractual issues and develop procedures to address them
  • Analyse effective document control, reporting and communication systems
  • Set up a risk-managed contract strategy and planning guidelines
  • Apply advanced strategies and further develop your negotiation, persuasion and influence skills to take your contracting abilities to the next level

Contract Law

  • Examine statutory and common law obligations that must be incorporated into contracts
  • Learn to read and interpret contracts with confidence
  • Develop processes to ensure contract objectives are delivered whilst mitigating risk
  • Implement strategies that ensure your contracts are plainly and clearly expressed
  • Ensure contract clauses optimise risk by mastering drafting and testing techniques
  • Review numerous terms and conditions relevant to your industry
  • Maintain control of the contracting process by designing an appropriate framework for using terms and conditions effectively
  • Implement reviews of contractual governance in your organisation to ensure contract management excellence
  • Design effective methods of dispute resolution and documentation collection
  • Examine and address current topical issues in contract law

On-site & in-house training

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Talk to us about an on-site/in-house & customised solution.

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