Month: January 2012

Transport & Logistics

Geoffrey Askew on important developments and over-the-horizon threats

[youtube=] We had the opportunity to speak with Geoffrey Askew AM GAICD, Principal of Askew and Associates and Former Senior Executive and Head of Security & Emergency Management for Qantas. He will be speaking at Informa's 7th Aviation Security Summit on 21-22 March 2012 in Canberra. Hear what he had to say. We asked... 1.…

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iPad Apps for the healthcare sector?

This article is taken from -------------------------------------------------- The days are gone when a doctor walked into a patient’s room and grabbed the paper chart at the end of his bed to check his medical history. iPads and tablet computing have revolutionized the way many companies do business, and the medical field is no different. The…

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Transport & Logistics

Q&A Session: Derailments in Australia

Laurie Wilson, General Manager, Infrastructure & Engineering, RISSB joins us for an in-depth look at the nature and  significance of derailments in Australia. He discusses the progress made over the last decade and the opportunities that exist to learn from investigations in order to improve the system and ensure rail remains one of the safest…

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Transport & Logistics

Interview with Capt. Yoss Leclerc: The Harbour Master as a Systems Manager Part 2

Captain Yoss Leclerc is delivering his presentation, ‘The Harbour Master as a Systems Manager’ at the 8th IHMA Congress on Monday 14th May 2012. How can harbour masters contribute to a port’s operational efficiency? Aren’t operating costs and customer service needs functions of other port departments? Harbour Masters are the corner stone of port efficiency…

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Transport & Logistics

Better transport for regional development

The efficient movement of passengers and goods is of pivotal importance for Australia’s regional towns and cities. The provision of transport infrastructure and services for local communities supports economic development, promotes growth and leads to improved well-being. Regional Transport 2012 will take a closer look at the long-term passenger and freight transport requirements to support the advancement…

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Transport & Logistics

Interview with Capt. Yoss Leclerc: The Harbour Master as a Systems Manager Part 1

Capt. Yoss Leclerc, Director Operations & Security and Harbour Master, Port Metro Vancouver, Canada discusses the new reality of ports and the evolving role of the Harbour Master. Port Metro Vancouver is one of Canada’s most important assets, trading $75 billion in goods annually and generating 129,000 jobs in the Port’s supply chain alone. Capt…

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