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Course Outline

2-Day Intensive Course Outline                                                            Download Course Brochure

Examining key issues facing the water industry

  • The balance between consumptive use and environmental impact
  • Drought, climate change and managing our water resource
  • Community attitudes and standards of service
  • Sustainability of irrigation practices
  • The National Water Initiative
  • Water pricing and water trading

How our water and wastewater systems work

  • Sources of water
  • Overview of water supply systems
  • Abstraction, treatment, distribution, storage and reticulation
  • Accommodating variations in water demand
  • Overview of wastewater systems
  • Collection systems, storage structures, pumped systems and treatment
  • Effluent recycling and release

Overview of water resource planning

  • Triple-bottom-line objectives and analysis criteria
  • Economic and financial assessments
  • ARMCANZ criteria – upper and lower bounds, full cost recovery
  • Net present value
  • Activity 1: Where your water comes from & what it’s worth

Strategic system planning for water

  • End-use modelling and consumption forecasting
  • Catchments and yield
  • Water availability and diversity of supply
  • Alternative approaches to service standards

Water treatment processes

  • Examining typical processes
  • Issues in water treatment
  • Membrane treatment
  • Desalination – seawater and other sources

Operational considerations in water

  • Understanding system operations
  • Characterising demand and non-revenue water
  • Maintaining water quality including HACCP
  • Customer service standards and service objectives
  • Infrastructure security
  • Emergency response strategies
  • Activity 2: Service levels & alternative approaches to reliability

Strategic system planning for wastewater

  • Why do we bother? Health and environmental objectives.
  • Standards of service
  • Flow generation, including inflow and infiltration
  • Trade wastes
  • Sewerage strategies and options assessment
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