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Course Outline


Substation pre-planning

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  • Objectives of substation design
  • Fundamentals of power system operation
  • Establishing the need for substation facilities

Substation planning

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Construction model
  • Site selection, environmental, zoning, and public perception issues
  • Working with the constructor/project manager
  • The project scope document– what it is and what it should contain

Substation pre-design

  • Collecting information, site visit
  • Determining criteria
  • Risk appetite
  • Scheme selection
  • Design inputs
  • Overview of the Substation Design and Construction Process
  • OH and S requirements
  • Client Objectives and work practices
  • Program considerations

Substation design

  • Reviewing and understanding the project scope document
  • Determining site adequacy for initial and future requirements
  • Construction and construction outage requirements– access for construction and O&M
  • Single line diagrams
  • General arrangements
  • Specifying and procuring material and equipment
  • Equipment specifications and drawings
  • Earthworks and drainage design including erosion control
  • Impacts during construction– runoff/stream pollution
  • Roads and access
  • Surface materials
  • Civil design
    > Understanding soil test reports
  • Structural design
    > Choice of structure for substation designs
    > Specifying a structure
  • Primary design
    > Circuit breakers
    > High-voltage and low-voltage switches
    > Metal-clad and metal-enclosed switchgear
    > Writing equipment specifications
    > Transformers, breakers, voltage regulators, automatic circuit reclosers, coupling capacitors, surge arresters
    > Insulation coordination
    > Busbars and fittings
    > HV cables
  • Secondary design
    > System protection objectives and philosophies
    > Protective relaying schemes for major substation equipment
    > AC/DC station power and control system supplies
    > Insulated cables and raceways for power and control
  • Earthing design
    > Purpose of earthing
    > Field-testing earth grid resistance and soil resistivity
    > Materials and installation

Brown fields design

  • Design for working in live installations

Testing and commissioning

  • SATs and FATs
  • Field commissions
  • ITPs and check sheets

Operations and maintenance


  • Documenting field revisions

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