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Course Outline

  Introduction to a SmartGrid Download Course Brochure
  • Taking the current grid infrastructure understand the development of a SmartGid Architecture
  • Discuss the understanding of what is already smart in grid technology
  • Develop, in teams, the concept of a SmartGrid based on your own experience
  • Compare and contrast this with each other’s views and develop a common language for the group to really understand the SmartGrid nomenclature

A SmartGrid vision

  • A proposal of what constitutes a SmartGrid of the future will be proposed
  • A review of drivers that reinforce the need for the SmartGrid that is outlined
  • Identify the elements that make up a SmartGrid from a technical, commercial, environmental and cultural perspective
  • Consider the challenges for a free market operation versus a monopoly approach
  • Identify barriers to deployment of such an architecture and propose solutions

The role of ICT in a SmartGrid

  • Consider existing ICT arrangements in utilities today
  • Discuss how the SmartGrid differs in the use of ICT?
  • What does ‘integration’ really mean when we discuss Power Networks and ICT
  • Team work will identify and propose migration strategies to deliver an integrated solution

Generation, transmission, distribution and beyond

  • Understand the need for a system approach to a SmartGrid
  • Review the roles of the different delivery segments today and consider how this will change as a SmartGrid takes shape
  • Who is a consumer and who is a producer?
  • Where will the new players come from?

From control, protection and load-shed to nirvana

  • Understand how the multitude of acronyms add value: SCADA, EMS, DMS, SA,FA, etc.
  • Consider who operates a SmartGrid when demand side participation enters the scene
  • Build knowledge of system architecture and the elements that dictate the future (that you don’t know will!)
  • Propose strategies to deal with an evolving dynamic grid design

Technology –the saviour to the rescue (or maybe not)!

  • Get an indication of the breadth and depth of the term in relation to a SmartGrid
  • Is technology part of the problem or part of the solution?

Legislation, regulation, planning and public acceptance

  • Review Market design – the rule of unintended consequences!
  • Identify key barriers to deployment and design work-a rounds
  • Review strategies to deal with the identified barriers and propose tactical options to mitigate implementation issues

The supply chain

  • Understand the innovation chain
  • Who are the stakeholders in a SmartGrid?
  • Who invests and who benefits?
  • Team discussion on how to use the supply chain for optimum delivery of the new vision

Building business cases

  • Where do you sit in the value chain?
  • Short term or long term – this is the question?
  • Review examples from around the globe
  • Team activity to convince the Board why they should act

So who is going to deliver the vision?

  • Consider the age profile of the industry today – then consider those entering the profession
  • Review the skills needs of the industry tomorrow
  • Who, what and when?

Bringing it together – from vision to reality!

  • Combine the knowledge learnt to build a picture of what a real SmartGrid will look like, how it could operate and the changes that will be needed to achieve it
  • Consider what a SmartGrid might need to deliver in the far future
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