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Course Outline

Download Course BrochureThe nature of electricity and gas industries

  • Australia’s energy resources within the broader global context
  • The stationary energy sector energy conversion chain
  • Key properties of electrical energy and the electricity industry
  • Coal and gas fired power stations
  • Co- and tri-generation: The on-site provision of heating, cooling and electricity
  • Electricity generation from renewable energy resources
  • Demand side options – efficiency and demand elasticity

    Activity: Comparing generation investment options
    In this activity, participants will compare generation investment options, considering base load, intermediate and peaking capacity and demand management. The effect of carbon taxes or permit trading will be examined

Overview of electricity industry restructuring

  • Objectives and stages in electricity industry restructuring
  • A brief history of electricity industry restructuring in Australia
  • Comparison with restructuring in North America and Europe

Design and performance of the NEM

  • Scope and key features of the NEM
  • Connection requirements for generators
  • Spot pricing using market regions and network loss factors
  • Managing supply-demand balance
  • Bidding, re-bidding and dispatch
  • Pre-dispatch, PASA, PSA, ESOO and NTNDP
  • Price history for the NEM and its precursors
  • Price volatility and price-demand relationships
  • Market shares and market power issues
  • Future trends in the supply-demand balance
  • The role of derivative trading

Design and performance of electricity derivative markets

  • Contracts for difference
  • Call and put options
  • More complex derivatives
  • Performance of derivative markets related to the NEM

    Activity: Price setting by regulators and markets
    In this activity, participants will explore processes for price setting by regulators and markets and investigate the issue of market power and its control

Network services in the NEM

  • The role of transmission and distribution networks in the electricity industry
  • Network operation and investment
  • Network pricing and planning ancillary services

Ancillary services in the NEM

  • The role of ancillary services in the electricity industry
  • Availability and quality of supply
  • Frequency-related ancillary services
  • Voltage-related ancillary services
  • Security-related ancillary services

Overview of current issues for the Australian electricity industry

  • Governance and institutions
  • Restructuring in participating jurisdictions
  • Network investment and regulation
  • Smart grid and end-user engagement
  • Transition to a low-carbon future


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