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Course Outline


Understanding your boardroom audience

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  • The boardroom environment
  • Legal underpinnings of governance
  • Group dynamics
  • Key concerns of directors

Written information in the boardroom

  • What makes information ‘good’?
  • Agendas
  • Board papers
  • Minutes
  • Structuring material
  • Summarising and key points

Preparing to present

  • Gathering material
  • Managing your energy
  • Physical presentation and dress

Case study 1

  • Practical application of concepts
  • Group discussion and feedback

Boardroom presenting

  • Preparation of material
  • Appropriate self branding
  • Facilitating directors’ discussion
  • Managing unacceptable behaviours
  • Allowing for follow up

Interactions and intermediaries

  • Standard or typical presentations
  • Working through an intermediary
  • Board site visits
  • Protocols and procedures

Case study 2

  • Practical application of concepts
  • Group discussion and feedback

Summary and course close

  • Key points learned
  • Personal action plans
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