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Course Outline

  Process vs. outcome                                                           Download Course Brochure

Distinguishing the decision making process from the consequences

  Identifying needs, ‘shoulds’, interests & wants

Knowing your own and uncovering those of others

  Risk profiles

Being aware of your personal and the corporate appetite for risk

  Logical sequencing
  • Knowing your purpose and values
  • Identifying criteria and objectives
  • Crystallising just what is to be decided
  • Gathering information
  • Creating/identifying alternatives
  • Evaluating alternatives
  • Selecting a preferred alternative
  • Monitoring the implementation
  Personal styles of decision making

Discovering how your personal behaviour style affects your decision making

  Overcoming fear of making decisions
  • Avoiding the fear of being wrong
  • Having a process that builds confidence
  • Avoiding procrastination
  Individual vs. group decision making
  • Which is best?
  • How to lead a group to make unbiased decisions
  Decision rules
  • What are they?
  • Understand how to use them
  Reversible vs. irreversible decisions

Discovering how the distinction will improve your decision making

  Making fast decisions

When to make and how to make

  Making ‘right’ decisions
  • Increasing the odds in your favour
  • Making “wrong” decisions right
  Decision making techniques
  • Reviewing different techniques
  • Uncovering a technique that suits you
  Decision making models

Becoming familiar with, and using a decision making model

  Scenario analysis

Understand how scenarios can improve decision making

  Making the decision
  • Reviewing the risks and the benefits
  • Having the courage to decide
  • Being confident about the process
  • Moving on without remorse
  Implementing & executing the decision
  • Having the mental tenacity to follow through
  • Knowing that poor execution is the root cause of decisions going wrong
  • Managing the consequences

Analysing based on seriousness, urgency and trend

  Reviewing the decision
  • Having a process to follow up, review and modify
  • Knowing that what gets measured gets managed

Case studies: Participants will complete case studies to embed the techniques learned

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