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Course Outline

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This course will be informative and interactive. Participants will take away some new techniques and a refreshed understanding of how to be an effective senior executive.

Importantly, this will not be a ‘classroom based’ course, but rather facilitated learning, using case study learning methodologies, and while the course will be based on the most recent thinking in risk and governance, the approach will emphasise application and practicality.

Central to the effectiveness of the course will be the use of both business and government based case studies. Participants will be able to choose one or the other type of case study to use over the duration of the course. This will make the course as relevant as possible to each participant.

  Organisational risk & governance
  • Defining risk and governance
  • The importance of risk management
  • Introducing risk assessment tools
  Identifying organisational risk
  • What are the causes of risk
  • What are the consequences of risk
  • What controls can we put in place to manage risk?

Exercise: Identifying an organisation’s risk based on either a public or private sector case study

  Identifying strategic risk
  • How to link risk to an organisation’s strategy
  • How to link risk to an organisation’s Balanced Scorecard
  • Developing a strategic risk matrix
  • Ranking of strategic risk

Exercise: Identifying an organisation’s strategic risk


Exercise: Ranking an organisation’s strategic risk

  Establishing an effective risk management & governance framework
  • Developing a risk management governance framework
  • Overview of tools and templates
  Developing a risk based decision making culture
  • Where are the key decision making points in an organisation?
  • What are appropriate risk rules to put in place?
  • What does ‘good practice’ Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) look like?
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