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Course Outline

2-Day Intensive Course Outline                                                               Download Course Brochure

Broad objectives

  • Review environmental risk assessment definitions
  • Define and classify definitions of risk in an environmental context
  • Describe the risk assessment process and tools used to help with risk identification
  • Examine the limitations in risk assessment
  • Develop a risk register and risk assessment and management plan
  • How to develop linkages to OH&S and ISO14001
  • Industry trends and standards – case studies of best practice benchmarks
  • Develop a business case for environmental management

    • Historical review
    • Statutory regimes
    • Local/regional aspects
    • Accountability of stakeholders
    • Sustainability and risk arguments

    Risk identification

    • Hazard vs Risk – key similarities and differences – why you need to know
    • Spectrum of activities involved with robust risk identification
    • Common problems and inaccuracies encountered with risk assessment
    • Mapping of environmental risk aspects
    • The human factor
    • Activity

    Various aspects of environmental risk management

    • Dimensions of environmental risk
    • Hierarchy of control
    • Due diligence aspects
    • Strategic and organisational context
    • Activity

    Risk management & assessment methodologies

    • Process for performing risk assessments
    • Planning and preparation
    • Scenario and sensitivity analysis
    • Hazard profiling
    • Identification of exposures
    • Assessing levels of risk
    • Conducting a risk assessment
    • Assessing a risk assessment
    • Activity

    Risk assessment & management applications

    • The role of monitoring in risk assessment
    • Use of information in development of a risk management plan
    • Incident impacts review
    • Review of management systems
    • Convergence - upgrading management systems
    • Activity

    Industry trends & insights

    • What are the future trends in environmental compliance?
    • Sustainability – the new horizons
    • OHS, ISO9001 and carbon neutral
    • Beyond the standards
    • Benchmarking against industry best practices

    Review & benchmark

    • How does your existing process stack up?
    • Developing key tools and techniques to take back to your workplace
    • Driving change in your organisation
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