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Course Outline


History of government, federation, commonwealth/state relations

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  • Overview of government
  • Westminster style government
  • Constitutional, legal and accountability parameters
  • Institutional frameworks for government authority

Government structures

  • The role of the Commonwealth and the states and territories
  • Processes and routines of parliament, cabinet, executive council
  • The role of the public service
  • Central agencies and the institutions that go with them
  • Corporate structures, GOCs, outsourcing, privatisation

Understanding the drivers of public policy

  • The policy cycle
  • How policy is developed
  • Influencing policy development
  • The budget cycle

Examining government processes

  • Common government processes
  • The context for government processes
  • Navigating government processes
  • Government culture

Policy contestability and other issues

  • The increasing contestability of public advice
  • Pluralism
  • Review of government models in our trading partners

Working with ministers, advisors and other public staff

  • The role of ministers and advisors
  • The role of public servants
  • Developing relationships and working with, ministers, advisors and other public service staff
  • Interfaces between the political and the administrative arms of government

Working in the government sector

  • The culture of the government sector
  • Skill requirements
  • Strategies for navigating the system – formal and informal
  • Applying for positions in the government sector

Influencing government

  • Avenues for influence
  • Strategies for influencing
  • Submissions for funding
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