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Course Outline


  Shale and tight rock overview Download Course Brochure
  • Emergence of shale development
  • Geologic characteristics
  • Development keys
  • Terminology

Source rock and maturity

  • Hydrocarbon generation
  • Petroleum systems
  • Development windows
  • Development windows for different basins
  • Horizontal drilling shale and tight rock
  • Horizontals versus verticals
  • Advances in horizontal drilling
  • Completion options

Hydraulic fracturing overview

  • Objectives
  • Mechanics
  • Benefits
  • Design
  • Fluid additives
  • Water supply and water treatment
  • Treatment monitoring

Estimating resource volumes

  • Required measurements and estimates
  • Different methods for shale, tight rock and CSG
  • Logging methods
  • Coring methods
  • Adsorption and absorption

Development approach

  • Economic analysis overview
  • Required resource volumes for commercial development
  • Development stages
  • Development keys
  • Evaluation team member roles and required skills

Reserves and resources

  • Classification overview
  • Valuing resources
  • Establishing reserves
  • Forecasting reserves
  • Managing the certifier

Advanced analysis

  • Unique logging issues and measurements
  • Unique coring issues and measurements
  • Targeting specific development areas
  • Well spacing

Challenges and opportunities

  • Environmental issues
  • Emerging technology
  • Global activity and trends
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