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Course Outline

  Introduction to Oil and Gas Industry Download Course Brochure
  • Energy Business Environment and Relevance
  • Oil & Gas Markets and Commodities
  • Industry Structure and Value Chains – identifying business and investment opportunities
  • New Technical, Social and Market Trends Shaping the Industry

Oil and Gas Project Management Fundamentals

    • Life Cycle Analysis and Planning
    • Discussion of Project Management Considerations Across Key Phases
    • Exploration
    • Appraisal and Development
    • Production
    • Abandonment
    • Scope Management

Energy Project Economics

    • Project Cash Flow Analysis – Uses and limitations
    • Key Economic Inputs and Assumptions
    • Use of Reserve and Cost Distributions
    • Summary of Common Fiscal Regimes – effect on Investor Cash Flows
    • Effect of Debt Financing on Project Economics
    • Leasing of Facilities – Effect on Project Cash Flows
    • Effects of Transfer Pricing
    • Late Field Life Considerations

Key Economic Indicators and Valuation Measures

  • Net Present Value Concept Discount Factor
  • Net Present Value
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Payback Period
  • Profit/Investment Ratio
  • Comparison of Economic Indicators and their Use in Decision Making
  • Sensitivity Analysis – Review Effect of Economic inputs, Project Inputs and Schedule
  • Economic Considerations for New Project Trends - Marginal Field Developments, Unconventional Oil and Gas and Ultra Deep Projects

Risk and Uncertainty

  • Use of probability and statistics in prospect and Project Evaluation
  • Uncertainty concepts
  • Expected Monetary Value concept
  • Use of probability distributions
  • Key probabilistic estimation skills
    • Probabilistic reserves and resource estimation techniques
    • Probabilistic cost estimation
    • Estimating with uncertainty

Decision Analysis Methods

  • Fundamentals of decision analysis
  • Introduction to Decision trees, Sensitivity Analysis and Monte Carlo simulation Techniques
  • Value of information
  • Portfolio Analysis and Gamblers Ruin
  • Prospect and Project Evaluation
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