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Course Outline


Review of LNG market trends Download Course Brochure
  • Existing markets and outlook
  • Developing markets and new horizons
  • Differential growth rates

Discussion of LNG prices and recent trends

  • Recent natural gas prices
  • North Asia LNG prices
  • LNG price evolution
  • Price Parity vs Crude?
  • Potential impact of North American LNG exports. Approvals real or not?

Spot market vs long term trade

  • Drivers to the development of the Spot Market
  • Spot Market in context
  • Spot trade considerations

Analysis of LNG transport and trading issues

  • Fleet profile and technology
  • Terminals and new concepts
  • Feedback to spot market; or not?

LNG safety issues

  • LNG tank developments
  • Shipping safety

Consideration of LNG project hurdles

  • Compare and contrast existing LNG projects
  • Lessons from recent projects and those under construction
  • Potential LNG projects and related gas reserves (including coal seam and shale gas)
  • Project capex
  • Train Capacity

Review of LNG players and strategies – small scale LNG

  • Equity LNG ranking
  • Sponsors and operators; new players
  • Review of world LNG projects
  • Small scale LNG and CSG projects
  • Financing options and impact of timing

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