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Course Outline


  The key concepts of oil and gas and reservoirs Download Course Brochure
  • Oil and gas development
  • Reservoir types
  • Unconventional reservoirs
  • Rock mechanical properties
  • Well construction
  • Key elements of casing and cementing design
  • Well completion

Overview of hydraulic fracturing

  • Objectives
  • Treatment mechanics
  • History
  • Application areas
  • Results

Treatment planning

  • Target selection
  • Target isolation
  • Equipment requirements
  • Treatment stages vs frac stages
  • Fluid treatment and additives
  • Treatments in horizontal wells

Cost-benefit analysis

  • Cash flow
  • Present value
  • Production correlations

Treatment monitoring

  • Net pressure
  • Mining results
  • Micro-seismic
  • Log and DAS monitoring

Proppant issues

  • Impacts of size
  • Strength and embedment
  • Actual field results

Environmental issues

  • Spill potential
  • Water use
  • Seismic activity
  • Chemical use
  • Different perspectives
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