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Course Outline


Earthing Strategies and Issues

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Electrical and Earthing Characteristics of Pipelines

  • Bare and Coated Steel Pipes
  • Cathodic and Anodic protection


  • Separation, segmentation and isolation in earthing systems
  • Interconnected and common bonded systems
  • Return systems in power utilities
  • Effects of various systems on touch voltages

Across the Asset Base

  • Refineries vrs pipes vrs storage vrs pumping and on ...
  • Cathodic protection
  • Instrumentation Earthing and EMC
  • Failure modes, clues, vulnerabilities, evidence of failure, deterioration

Lightning Protection

  • Introduction to lightning mechanisms and risks
  • Approaches to lightning risk management

Maintenance and Construction

  • Hazard Controls
  • Work procedures

Meeting you Requirements

  • What standards say
  • Design
  • Verification/Integrity
  • Testing-types
  • Commissioning v. Maintenance
  • 'Step & Touch' not be all & end all.
  • Weaknesses

How to Engineer for Value

  • Benefits and risks associated
  • Recommended strategies
  • Management plans & internal standards
  • Test methods and equipment
  • Common traps and sources of errors
  • What is value/valuable
  • Asset base &
  • Cost, whole of life, whole of project
  • Pre-investment
  • Due diligence in managing risk, maximising value

Demonstration, practical examples and class participation throughout

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